Walnut and Cherry Wood Coverings for the Fujifilm X100

Remember the light brown leather X100 special edition announced by Fujifilm a couple of days ago? While those might come with a unique limited edition serial number, the look apparently isn’t as unique. As a commenter pointed out, it appears to be a covering offered by a shop named Aki-Asahi Custom Camera Coverings. There are quite a few styles in addition to that look (which is named “Lizard Ochre”), including a couple of beautiful wood coverings crafted from walnut and cherry wood.

The styles, all made from cow leather, mimic some pretty exotic animal skins, including camel, crocodile, and lizard:

You can order one of these custom styles from the shop’s website here.

FinePix X100 Leather Kits [Aki-Asahi]

  • Nigel

    Every bit as hideous as the SD1 ‘wood edition’ in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    This whole line is a Hipster’s wet dream. Now if they only shot film… 

  • Fotographix Calgary

    I like it. Hipster or not!

  • Brian

    it looks like a well-done homemade camera now instead of a serious camera.

  • 8fps

    True dead forest commemoratives.

  • Alan Dove

    Aki-Asahi isn’t the only business doing this. There’s also, which offers a similar selection. Both have precut covers for classic film cameras as well. Another option is to cut your own cover from scratch, which isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Of course, you still have to be prepared for the consequences if you decide to walk around with, say, a Leica III coverted in pink snakeskin.

  • Gaz

    I actually really love these.   

  • OnSiteStudios

     Plenty of that on ebay and yard sales.