A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing B&W Film with Coffee and Vitamin C

Here’s another helpful step-by-step guide teaching how to develop B&W film (in this case it’s Agfa APX 100) using powered coffee and vitamin C (AKA “caffenol“). You can also download a text version of the process here.

(via Hack a Day)

  • Kaitlin

    LOVE this! Now I can save money by not paying the CVS to develop it at $5 per role FOR me. :)

  • Ethan


    As long as you’re buying a developing tank, measuring beakers, etc, you should try some film developers too (D-76, HC-110, and what have you) – don’t limit yourself to coffee, although it is pretty cool!

  • KeeF

    Coffee will result in a brown tint. So your call if you want all your photos to come out with a brownish tint. 

  • Michael

    I gotta try this the hipster way using hand drip Guatemala freshly roasted beans!

  • Max Power

    The negs looked normal, there’s no reason that your prints would be brownish.  Looks like they made them “sepia” after they scanned them.

  • KeeF

    I sometimes add coffee to my dev tank to add a sepia tint. Unless you’re trying to tell me all this time what i’m seeing is wrong.

  • Dirk Essl

    For recipes you can have a look here:

  • Dirk Essl

    On many films you will not have brown tint, the negatives will just come out normal. However if you use it as a paper developer, the paper may get a brown tint.

  • Max Power

    Perhaps you can explain your process in detail? After rinsing and fixing, your negatives are still brown and therefore produce brown prints or brown scans?

  • Anonymous

    Only the finest single origin Kenyan beans for my negs!

  • Superpooky99

    Really cool but I think I’ll pop down the shops and buy a bottle of Paterson developer.  I can drink a coffee during the time I save on the developing process…..