A Girl’s Dreams Photographed Using Things Found in a Bedroom

Photographer Jan von Holleben, known for his Dreams of Flying series, was recently hired by a German newspaper to make photos using his signature “lying on the ground” style for a feature on dreams. He ended up shooting photographs showing a girl’s dream using a mattress and other ordinary objects you might find inside a bedroom.

Her Morning Elegance is a stop-motion video with the same concept that was nominated for a Grammy Award last year.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Jan von Holleben and used with permission

  • Mauricio Matos

    Really cool :)

  • Mike Langford

    Great set of creative images!
    Mike Langford

  • jen

    Milla’s Daydreams was another project with the same concept but with a baby.

  • Anonymous

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  • Alex

    “this is a cool pic”
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    Terrible self promotion mate.

  • bruce

    stunning !

  • Sebasti√°n Soto

    I’ve seeing this concept a few times but I always find it adorable and limitless. Many many things can be done with it.

  • Ann

    The baby one, Milla’s Daydreams, was far better.¬†