Leica Discovers Why Some M9s Eating Up SD Cards, Promises Firmware Fix

Back in August, it came to light that some of Leica’s $7,000 M9 cameras had a problem in which they would corrupt the SD card being used — a problem that caused one photographer to permanently lose work after a day of shooting. The company quickly acknowledged the problem, and today announced that they had finally discovered the cause:

Thanks to the close collaboration with SD card manufacturers, Leica has now managed to rectify the fault by making adjustments to the firmware. To ensure compatibility with as many cards as possible and to ensure that all the related processes remain fault-free and are not compromised, comprehensive testing must be carried out in the development phase.

In the coming weeks we will test a beta version of the firmware in practice in cooperation with affected and selected customers.

The firmware fix will be released to the general public after they’ve thoroughly tested it.

Leica M9 / SDHC Card compatibility (via PopPhoto)

  • Anonymous

    Rich guy problems?

  • Anonymous

    Not after you lose a day of work which a client paid you to produce.  Now you’re Mr. Poor Guy, and it’s off wal-mart so you can choose between fine-grit sandpaper or the economy toilet paper (you know, the kind without the print).  :(

  • Osmosisstudios

    I got 99 problems, but my memory cards ain’t one? 
    /Has a Nikon
    /Uses CF Cards

  • ceebeee


  • Guest

    HA. If you read the reply, Leica invited him to “test out” their $30k model, which “doesn’t have any issues”–upselling? Apparently, they didn’t even bother replying to others that had the same issue. How good are their cameras, considering their price tag? The only thing they have going for them is their god-status with hipsters.

  • Elias

    And, perhaps, their fantastic lenses? And compactness and usability? Minor details, but I’m sure they’re just hipster cameras, not in fact precisions tools of photography. Because you know, everybody likes lugging a gigantic Nikon with a zoom on it around all day.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, poor-ass college hipsters are just snatching these up at the thrift stores left and right. Silly Magnum photographers and their tight jeans blowing money on over-blown Dianas.

  • Guest

    I can’t count how many people with tight jeans and ironic shirts wearing holgas as a necklace. could never get a hold of the real deal, but they love their leica iphone skins–makes their hipstamatic apps that much cooler.