Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses

“Men-ups!” is a humorous project by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men doing pin-up-style poses. It’s interesting how much more absurd some poses instantly look when they’re being done by men.

There are a couple more photos that can be seen in this Flickr set.

Men-ups! (via Lost At E Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by Rion Sabean and used with permission

  • Ccdelfin

    Love this. The poses look absurd because it is absurd to treat a human body as some delicious treat to be posed as provocatively as possible, like advertisers working hard to make a photograph of a hamburger look delicious. It’s gross and disrespectful to do it to women and equally wrong to do it to men. In my opinion.

  • Goukisan

    wow leave it to a few morons to take a humorous post and turn it into something political/social 
    give me a break

  • nfjnsa

    lulzy lulz~ I bet if I say “badger” I will get a reply with critiquing my level of intellect. Lighten up 

  • Jake

    Small fix, Unimpressed said 80 hours, not 40.

  • Anonymous

    In the portrait poses you can see that the background is just an scratch paper or looks like. But It’s pretty cool nice ideas!

  • Anonymous

    Love this. The poses look absurd because it is absurd to treat a human body as some delicious treat to be posed as provocatively as possible, like advertisers working hard to make a photograph of a hamburger look delicious. It’s gross and disrespectful to do it to women and equally wrong to do it to men. In my opinion.”
    Whats absurd is that you have to get political about this.  Like it or not the human body is a sex object, it is why we haven’t died out.  If the body didn’t matter women would choose to dress in formless clothing and fashion would accentuate nothing, and even if it did it would be arbitrary rather than focus on sexual characteristics.  What is absurd is not acknowledging men and women have different sexual brains, the old feminist spiel trying to beat men over the head for not being women is obsolete thinking, the more we learn about the brain the more that type of blank slate nonsense is debunked.  If women found men posing like this to be sexy, it would be done, and men would get paid handsomely for it..but they don’t, and it isn’t about respect or anything like that, but just a different appetite in sexuality.  Gay men also are more visual and are more interested in pornographic images and such, are they being “disrespectful” to men?  So what is it? Is your position logically homophobic as well?

  • Anonymous

    Yep like it or not men and women are different, women can titillate men with a glimpse of cleavage.  Flashing a bit of ballsack on the other hand will do nothing other than get you on a sex offenders register:D

  • Anonymous

    Why should be be natural?  Is the only pose that is acceptable neutral or totally overtly sexual, aka day to day reality.

    You are reading too much into it, vulnerability is acceptable in women because men accept it.  You should be asking yourself why women don’t like such pictures of men…because they don’t want to take care of a man, they want to be taken care of, they want a man with higher salary/education than themselves and the rest.  So how can you want that without the other side of the hat, that men will accept a woman that is “lower” than themselves by your own standard.  If men only had the dream of marrying women who earned more and were more educated than themselves where would we be?

  • Anonymous

    Well the thing is women aren’t doing “ridiculous” things, they are succeeding at being sexy when they adopt such poses.  Sometimes people who aren’t are envious or resentful at this stuff actually working, but you can’t deny it does work, and that is why they get paid.

  • Samantha

    In the world we live in today the general public does have access to art and literature. More than ever, thanks to technology and the advancement of common sense. The people that don’t know about art and literature choose not to. Education isn’t just limited to the ‘elite’ anymore, it is for everybody and anybody that wants to learn. Now, please get off of your computer and take a look at the world around you. You see it? Good. Now go outside and learn something that will better yourself and won’t make you sound like a complete imbecile.

  • zonkiboy

    Sometimes I sit, and sometimes I think, and sometimes I can’t help myself to wonder at what all of this could mean. As for the photo’s I must admit that that is probably the way most stereotypical heterosexual men see us when the think of the word homosexual.

    If this is a cross-post please bear with me as I adjust the bra.

  • 2carlotta

    I think they are kinda sexy.

  • Diablo

    From a woman’s perspective, I do find many of these men to look attractive in these poses, though I can see where you’re coming from.

    But don’t underestimate how attractive an arched back can be on anyone; an arched back (especially when used on a woman) is supposed to denote the way a person arches during orgasm along with showing off the “most attractive aspects of the physical female form”.

  • Nuwanda

    People only think it looks “silly or gay” because that is how society has labelled it.  Society has deemed that these type of poses are for women only, and why should that be?  Everyone preaches equality, but if that’s the case, then men and women should be able to stand, sit, pose, etc, however the heck they want.

    I personally think it looks terrific.

  • Lobohany

    dude thank god someone finally said it 
    and let me put this out there i was just crossing by when i read this.. and no i’m not of gay orientation but i am of a different culture from the east and i love drinking wine did quite a bit of traveling and was raised to respect history theater and art and.. and this well there is nothing distasteful about it i like them  

  • Frackas Fromer

    Well that is just blank slate thinking, it just doesn’t work.There is a reason men will pay money to see flesh and why women won’t.  You can make plenty of money selling pictures of boobs..look at hefner, and you will go broke trying to sell picture of cocks to anyone other than gay men.   You don’t flood each gender with different chemical/hormones from birth and think you are going to end up with identical creatures.  There is equality of opportunity which is fine, mindless equality where you assume everything is 50/50 down the line is just that..mindless.  Such poses do not suit men as it doesn’t appeal to women, or else it would have been popular long ago.  

  • Redqueen1962

    OMG…. so much drama over pictures. Just shut up and enjoy them OR not.

  • Bob

    Because all women have the one type of body.

    Lame. Moving on.

  • Bob

    Yes. Exactly that.

  • Bob

    utera – and your background in neuroscience is….?

    Zilch right? 

    Your evo-psych clap trap is tired and very out of date. Why don’t you try sticking to something you know about instead of sounding like a hyper-entitled ignoramus? 

  • Anders Sperle Hansen

    This is hilarious.

  • Morbitron6

     Lol. With The internet information is free and that’s taking pirating out of the picture.  You have access to anything you want, free MIT , Princeton classes, The Khan academy. The Knowledge is out there just don’t expect it to be spoon fed to you.  If ‘jargon’ tends to be tough for you guys I would look up a thing called- a dictionary.  It’s like a code book for jargon, it tells you what every single word in the world means. Totally nuts.

  • SargentManuela

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  • Tide

    Haha! And don’t forget You´re the one putting the informtaion out there, wether you remain silent in acceptance or shout out your counterargument, or all inbetween.

  • Edit Mag

    Fantastic! Almost just what I wanted to say. Only I disagree on some points. “Art is an incredibly subjective media that one must attempt to judge objectively” Why would a so called objective judgement be in any way better? Or professional, for that matter.

    Also I believe Nate meant that the motif of transgender roleplaying is an old one, (not new). As to that I can only agree that there’se nothing new beneath the sun. However, as long as there are ideas that stir emotions, they do need repitition until we understand them to it’s fullest. A word, an expression, an IDEA, is only one of many ways to try to understand our world. Insights come and go and you try to share them and validify them through others via a variety of media – such as art, written word, the internet, food, or sex… I must contradict myself a little and say that some thing’s purpouse are repeated not only for our deeper understanding, but for the pure pleasure of it. Nothing wrong with that either.

  • Edit Mag

    Sorry for being so dickless and as a result of that – ignorant – but what characteristics of A dick can you find that correspond to your caracterizatin of Nate or any other person for that matter?

    I myself carry the often called “weaker sex” in shape of a cunt with it’s accessories. I, however rarely portray myself or my surrounding as BEING a cunt. I have often frequented other dicks and cunts, and have rarely been able to READ a person as such inte being such an organ of pleasure.


  • Edit Mag

    Never heard of the term/word/name “Ovsessorize” bu I sure will steal it for future use! Thanks!

  • EditGotland

    For a number of reasons.
    Appart from its fantastic esthetical values, the artist’s technical skills and the medium (here photographic representation on web – as opposed to “fine art” oil on canvas) it does all good art can ever hope to do on an emotional leve. It provokes!
    Sofar I have detected a number of imortant issues brought up by people moved by the pictures in one way or another. Some (me) havespent hours digesting the art in it’s own right or the discussions or both! (wow, what a meta-reflection. I really feel high, my mind is soaring! Art does things to me…)
    The issues then:
     Class/gender issues – narrowing it down to a discussion

  • Buddha Lite

    The best kind of art works in layers. It features explicit surface qualities that everyone can grasp and appreciate and then plunge into deeper metaphors for the art “elite” to discover, like easter eggs in software or websites. Yes, art can get overly esoteric–as well as be completely one dimensional and tacky. But the beauty of good art no matter who is able to appreciate it is that it shatters paradigms of what’s expected, whether those expectations are of stereotypes (as in the photos above), technique, media, or some other element. 

  • BurrisMattie

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  • Englisch Übersetzung

    Cool Pics! Somewhat unique ; )

  • K

    Not accurate enough – the men are wearing too many clothes….

  • K

    have you ever….I dunno, talked to an actual woman about your theory?  Because most women I know can tell you a physical thing about a man that will drive them crazy…

    It may not be as universal as cleavage….but honestly, cleavage is not as universal a turn on for men as you think.  Some guys are way more into legs, or bums – in another country people actually laughed at the very idea of a man being turned on by breasts.  “What is he, an infant?” they asked…. because, of course, breasts are not actually sexual components, but functional for nursing babies.

    Again, not saying you’re weird, fetishize breasts as much as you want, but really….it’s not as universal as your culture has told you it is.

  • K

    yup, yup – your “but this is what makes sexism okay!” essay is brilliant and true!

    Dude, if you want to keep looking at sexist images, just do so.  Don’t persist with an evo-psych pseudo-science explanation on why deplorable behavior is okay.

  • K

    Frackas – the reason why men will pay to see flesh and women won’t is because flesh is pandered to women in a way that makes it ridiculous, not titillating.  It approaches it from the idea of “women are sooooo different from men and we need to give them something sooooo completely different!” instead of simply switching the gaze.

    The book “porn for women” was ridiculous – it lacked in actual pornography and was just men doing housework.  Why?  “Because that’s what women want to see!”  …um….no.  no really.

    If the porn industry simply switched gazes (female gaze) and recognized that women like hot young men (most of the men in current pornos are really not that hot) then women would be willing to pay.  But why pay money for something that number 1 – doesn’t have hot guys in it 2 – objectifies the women in it.

    It’s a cultural, not physical thing.

  • Crissy

    That is hilarious!

  • Dark_Hollow

    Sort of, however they were not natural, they were fixed on as well. The drawing ones, ofcourse.

  • Donna Maria Consuela

    A humorous ‘take’ on the truly absurd poses women are asked to do in advertising.

  • Carolyn Roesbery

    somebody do the booty-tooch!

  • Morgan

    These are fantastic!

  • Susan Jones

    good grief y’all, can’t look at a picture and read a comment without going off, can ye? That says more about you than any of your accusations of generalizations.

  • Lila Hayes

    I was thinking the same thing. Too many clothes or just the wrong ones.

  • Sam Antics

    I wanna see ‘em nearly naked and waxed from a-hole to breakfast time.

  • helfk

    wahahaha GREAT but they should be more scantily-clad next time ;)

  • KCMOfan

    Well, lately the GOP has been calling anyone with an education “the elite”, Santorum called Obama a snob because he wanted to make sure Americans get the educational opportunities they deserve.

  • KCMOfan

    Hilarious, I love the sarcasm. As I perceive it.

  • jordanknorr

    i want these!!! how much?

  • Mie

    Lame, looks like a cash grab by some intrepid photographer.