Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses

“Men-ups!” is a humorous project by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men doing pin-up-style poses. It’s interesting how much more absurd some poses instantly look when they’re being done by men.

There are a couple more photos that can be seen in this Flickr set.

Men-ups! (via Lost At E Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by Rion Sabean and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    People find these images funny because that is the response they were intended to illicit. The poses are, certainly, somewhat awkward and humorous. Take even a short look at their faces; if you are unable to locate any humor you may just lack a sense of it. 

  • Guest

     Given that women are put in these pinups specifically to be attractive, and are thus models hired for their looks…why would a gender reversal of this focus on traits in men that are generally considered UNattractive? It’s a direct reversal, so the men are also meant to be attractive; it’s the ridiculous poses being mocked as being more nonsensical than sexy, not the models.

    Besides, look at these poses. Aren’t these funny and ridiculous enough with handsome men as the centerfolds? Adding in model ridicule is not only pointless, but confuses the message being sent. And that message is “these poses are ridiculous, but we’re so used to women doing ridiculous things for the sake of appearing ‘sexy’ that most don’t notice how stupid the poses are until men do them”. If you’re laughing at the models, you’re laughing at the wrong thing.

  • Smashley

    Thanks to the photographer for bringing a smile to my face!  Good job!  Ignore the people with no sense of humor.

  • pw

    Gross. Men are being emasculate enough in todays transhumanist crap media.

  • Guest

    I have to wonder what existence must be like for Weirdowaldo? Are “lezzies” a little threatening for you in your isolated ineffectual fantasy world comprised of internet porn and video games? 

  • Guest

    I guess I’m going to have to break it to you. I generally have very strong intuition, as well as big ass GAYDAR in my pocket & it’s ringing loud and clear right about now!

  • Guest

    Thank you! Preach on sister!

  • Guest

    Makings, do you like to stare at your own asshole in a mirror? Are you afraid this might mean your gay? Is it really hot for you, and do you feel really powerful when you become such as asshole!?

  • Daninsky_w

    Sexy! :D

  • LEOGcat

    Why are art and literature inaccessible to all but the elite? Just go to any library and go to the “P” section (Library of Congress classification system), and you’ll find all the great works of literature, as well as books of commentaries on the literature. Go to the “N” section, and you’ll find gigantic books of art, with commentaries to help explain them. Lots of museums are free, too.

  • Jennifer Krane


  • Twibbles

    Am I the only commentator in this topic who can spell simple words such as since?  This is so. Gay.

  • Twibbles

    Some of these poses exaggerate some of the forms and curves of these (mostly) male bodies QUITE well thank you.

    On another note, just how important is the technical quality of the photography in context of a humorous parody?  I’d think the important part is the quality of the sense of humor.

  • Twibbles

    It’s all about THE BEARD.

  • Twibbles

    I heartily agree

  • Twibbles

    The nipples on that one guy’s beard are oddly shaped, not suitable for a pinup model

  • Twibbles

    One alternate message is that men are funny rather than sexy.

  • Twibbles

    There is just something so innately humorous about duckface with a beard!  Love it.  Keep on cracking us up!

  • Dannap

     When I see how  people on Facebook who have fake names can be incredibly rude, calling one another “loser” or “stupid”, over such a discussion raised by posed photographs, I realize that even with our so-called freedom of speech, we are afraid to take credit for our personal attacks, even on people we don’t know.  Rightly so.  Even telling someone over the telephone “I could kill you for that”  is an offense called Criminal Mischief, and if the person to whom it is said claims to have lost sleep, etc., the person who said it can be hauled into court on charges.
      Nonetheless, this site gives people the opportunity to behave badly because they think they are anonymous.  Think again.  Say something deemed dangerous, and you would be traced.

  • another guest

    My favorite answer to this particular argument is that you do have the right to say what you want. And I have the right to ignore every single word. 

  • funnyandspicy

    Simply Interesting .

  • rachel finally seeing this : )

  • Ti1ion2004

    The reason things are “inaccessible to all but the elite” is because the working classes don’t have the time indulge in studying art.  This is not so much about the availability of literature and art, but the amount of “leisure” time that a person can devote to doing things other than surviving.  Please don’t post a knee-jerk response to this, but spend some time considering it.  I am a parent and sole “bread-winner” in the family; I have a difficult enough time making sure the house is clean, laundry is done, everyone is fed, etc. — and that’s AFTER coming home from work.  Are you in that situation?  It would be considerably easier to have a housekeeper come in once a week and clean; to be able to buy food every other day rather than prepare it; to have a paid teacher help the kids with their reading and homework after school.  If I have to do it all, when will I have time to drive to the library and spend some number of hours reading about art?

    The term “elite” is simple to use, but encompasses a complicated set of circumstances that combine to separate the “everyman” from the “privileged man.”

  • Bruisedsparrow

    Dude, this is pretty great. 

  • john

    And I believe the working class has plenty of time for drinking and football. Oh, and by the way, a football game (at least in the UK) costs up to 6 times more than going to a theatre. But still football stadiums are crowded while theaters half empty at best. 

    You don’t have to read about art unless you are an art student or critic. Just go to the gallery and experience it with your own senses. This is what I do. 

  • John

    Ha, interesting. The elite also sees those down below as ‘not working’. 

  • Suzanne Cove

    It’s the expressions on all the faces that get me, seriously would you want to even talk to one of those poor exploited males?

  • Ihavemillions

    that was some funny shi*!

  • Gardas

    Have you ever seen a pin-up?

  • Liokaiser

    It’s an interesting study, for sure. I enjoyed it!

  • Guest

    What’s wrong with you? It’s Jeez, not Jeese. Jeese is that guy whose girl you wish you had.

  • Guest

    Im still bored!

  • Opalquean

    Your privilege is showing.

  • Obstreperousangel

    True Pinups typically had props… they helped tell the “story”, so they are necessary in this form

  • Laurissa Ellis

    there should definitely be a calender made:)

  • Stefaninooooo

    I hate this, this doesn’t need to be done, I understand the symbolism, but find it unnecessary. 

  • Lehrmeister

    Really Great.

  • Another Guest

    Though I agree with you, Guest.  It is incredibly irritating that people in this country do not understand the most basic principles on which it was founded.  The provision for freedom of speech refers to a guarantee that GOVERNMENT will not interfere with speech acts and is applied only to PUBLIC spaces (meaning those that belong to the People, read: Government).  Thanks in large part, I think, to the lauding of ignorance (yes, I’m referring to Sarah Palin and the entire GOP presidential field, among others) and an ever-increasing disregard for supporting public education, a mind numbing number of people think that one’s “Right to Free Speech” means they get to say anything anywhere without consequence.  So while this bit of bickering may have gone on a bit for your liking (and mine), perhaps people reading the comments here might finally get that the First Amendment merely bars the government from interfering with the speech acts of citizens (with a couple notable exceptions arising from Supreme Court decisions). It does not mean that you get to post whatever you want on Facebook or in the comments section of a Web page…or even your local Denny’s.  These “spaces” are privately controlled and you are subject to the rules and whims of the owner/moderators of those spaces.  It also does not mean you get to say whatever you want in public spaces without consequence.  Note to Sarah Palin: it is not an infringement on your speech rights for people to refute what you say, or call you a flaming idiot based on your utterances.

  • Another Guest

    Sorry for the punctuation error in the first line…

  • My Awful Roommate

    Using “intellectual elite” as a derogatory term is a strategy used by Republicans to keep voters from educating themselves by associating intelligence with snobbery.   My mom worked three jobs when I was growing up and I’m working to put myself through school.  Don’t reward intellectual laziness by claiming the working class don’t have time to study art, I love the literature classes I’ve taken.  

  • My Awful Roommate

    my family is working class and my siblings and I are all very intelligent and all of us got academic scholarships to good schools.  My sister and I both managed to work twenty hours a week at the grocery store in high school and still make honor roll and took AP classes, if you care about something you make the time for it.  

  • My Awful Roommate

    you think those men are unattractive?

  • Louise-lauren-09

    i take it they did it for the money, brave brave people…

  • Comet

    What exactly bothers you so much about it? Just curious

  • Comet

    Makings, you do realize freedom of speech means people are also allowed to disagree with your freely-spoken remarks after you’ve made them? Disagreement isn’t censorship.

  • Brooklyn Photographer


  • MissMe86

    He wasn’t asked.

  • pagola25

    That term is not generally given to rich folk who don’t work, maybe you should look up the definition of a word before you use it in any kind of context, elites exist everywhere, the US is actually a socio-political elitist country. Dana did use the term correctly, what she meant is that there’s literature accessible only to the educated (elites) who got that education because of opportunity not affordable to the “regular folk”. Knowledge, power, wealth, physical attributes are all examples of elitism. I do agree with you though in the way some art is associated with “rich people” that ignorantly collect items to fit the stereotype of being educated, when in reality they don’t have the slightest clue of what they mean or even what culture they belong to.

  • Lugh Schoonover

    Wow! Quite a range of responses! And all I have at the moment is the observation that, though they did the folds, they forgot the staple holes! Yeowtch!

  • Soprano245

    Rich people don’t work? I read Forbes and it sure looks like many of the wealthy worked pretty hard to get wealthy. Okay, minus heirs, but those are actually few in the world of the rich. I urge you to pick up an issue of Forbes.