DSLR and GoPro Cameras Used to Film Insane Rope-free Climbing

A couple days ago 60 Minutes aired a piece on Alex Honnold, a climber who scales insane cliffs with only a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk. To capture footage of Honnold doing a death-defying climb, they attached GoPro cameras to various points on the cliff and had photographers hanging nearby with Canon 5D Mark II DSLRs. The result is an amazing glimpse into an activity that only a handful of people on earth would even think about attempting.

Here’s the behind the scenes video showing how they captured the footage:

(via planet5D)

  • Orayvis

    >/ darn adds !!

  • Michael Zhang

    Yeah, I feel your pain. CBS decided to disable embedding on its YouTube version ( Otherwise, we definitely would have embedded that one

  • Anonymous

    Awesome perspective. Those little GoPro things get you super wide don’t they.

  • Paul D

    “Sponsored by Viagra” (sic)…which explains why it was such a hard climb.

  • Jason Heilig

    I used to train at the gym this kid did, but only when I visited a friend in Sacramento (I lived in Berkeley). I had two years on the US Junior National team. Climbing photography is actually what got me into photography period. I originally learned a bit under some of the great rock climbing photographers.

    Anyways… I appreciate what he does, it’s amazing. However… I’ve known people that do what he does, and none of them are still around. I hope he can find an outlet that gives him the same reward, because it’s only a matter of time. Every hold, despite how you might hold it, is a roll of a dice via mother nature. Maybe the granite has loosened due to a cold night with water freezing in there overnight. Perhaps it’s just hit it’s limit.

    One day, even when he’s at his best, he’ll roll snake eyes with mother nature, and there is no recovery in free soloing.

    I’ve already suffered a semi crippling injury from my climbing history, I hope he moves on soon.

  • Steve

    That was great to watch.  There’s no way I could watch someone doing this live, he’s going to fall one day, unless he’s very lucky.  It’s good that people are still allowed to do this, in this age of health and safety.  Must be really hard on his parents.