Nikon 1 System Sensor Performs Very Well Given Its Small Size

DxOMark has just published its findings on the quality of Nikon’s new mirrorless camera sensor, and the verdict is that Nikon did a pretty good job milking quality out of the small 1-inch sensor:

With regard to its size, this ranking is a big surprise, as the Nikon J1 sensor manages to score close to or even better than larger sensors (including 4/3 sensors).

[…] On the other hand, its low-light ISO score is a bit low: 372, which reflects the impact of the sensor size. Indeed, this score is naturally dependent on the sensor size: the bigger the sensor, the more light it captures. So even though the quality of the pixels provided by Nikon is very close to that of its main competitor, its sensor size physically limits the image quality.

If low-light shooting is your thing. then you might want to look into cameras with larger sensors. However, for everyday photography the new Nikon line perform surprisingly well given how much smaller its sensor is compared to its competitors.

Interchangeable Lens cameras by Nikon (via Nikon Rumors)

  • ssl

    the camera itself is still huge for its sensor size and performance, IMO. why would anyone want this, especially at that astronomic price? unless they cut the price in half, this has to be a monumental fail.

  • Marco pannella

    I don’t think so.

  • M. Federico

    Specs never made prices, lol

  • Jason

    Look at the iso range…the camera may be fine for daylight shots at iso 100-400, but after that, not so much. Who wants an over priced, 2-peice point and shoot? Not me.

  • Aaa

    Where are the Sony┬┤s Nex ???