Flickr Launches Android App and Cool Photo Sessions Feature

If you’re a Flickr loyalist that hasn’t jumped ship for competing services, Flickr is rewarding you with a couple new tools for sharing your photos. Today the company announced an official app for Android and a new photo-sharing feature called Photo Sessions.

Android App

The new Flickr app for Android is designed to compete against other popular photo sharing apps — namely Instagram — by not being limited to Flickr. Instead, users can take pictures and share it across many different services including Facebook and Twitter. They’ve also jumped onto the retro bandwagon by providing different filters for altering the look of your photos.

Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions is a feature for viewing images in real-time with friends and family. Simply start a new session and invite your friends to start looking at pictures, chatting about them, or drawing on them. The feature is also available for iPhones and iPads.

Here’s a teaser for Photo Sessions:

If Flickr can continue this trend of regular updates, then maybe they do stand a chance against the new upstart photo-sharing services and apps…

(via Flickr)

  • Ricky B

    Its about damn time. ¬†How long has Flickr been on iOS now…?

  • Todd Klassy

    Like the Slide Show feature, it doesn’t allow the user to only show photographs in its native resolution, which means if you haven’t uploaded a super large image, your image will appear all pixelated and extremely unattractive. And because Flickr still lacks advanced image protection features, there’s no good reason for photographers to upload high resolution images for obvious reasons.

    The product is cool, but flawed. If they don’t resolve this one issue, I’m one Flickr customer who will never use it.

  • Moderis

    I’d be glad to try it, but unfortunately my country is banned from installing it.

  • Norby

    What in your mind would qualify as “advanced image protection features” ?