How to Make a DIY Picture Frame for $5

Buying large frames for displaying your prints can be expensive. For those of you who are rich in time but short on money, Oh Happy Day has an awesome tutorial on how you can create nice-looking picture frames for just $5. The main ingredients are plexiglass, mat board, cardboard, and paper tape. Buying all the supplies will set you back around $50, but you should have enough material for around 10 frames.

DIY Make Your Own Picture Frame (via Lifehacker)

  • Anonymous

    For basic inexpensive frames I go to IKEA(.com).  Then you can modify the mat or use your own if you want.

  • Anonymous

    I buy old paintings and photos that are already framed from flea market/garage sales and if needed all DIY I do is re-paint the frame.

  • Anonymous

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  • Richard

    If you’re selling framed prints these solutions aren’t great ideas because they’re not archival and the materials will decay rapidly in time.

    Pigment inks, profiled archival papers, acid free mats, archival cloth tape, and decent backboard and framing materials cost money but the finished product will outlast you.

    After that it’s  your kids’ problem.

  • Steve S

    And if you want a “different colored frame”, you can use colored duct tape (rolling eyes). People cant just spend $10 on a cheap Chinese plastic frame from a big box? At least those are actual frames unlike this DIY.

  • Anonymous

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  • speter

    that is a nice idea, especially for my nephew, who is really rich in time, short of money, and plentiful of fotos.