Chobi Cam One Arrives in the US as “The World’s Smallest Camera”

Remember the tiny Chobi Cam One “DSLR” that was introduced in Japan at the beginning of the year? Well the camera has found a distributor in the US and is generating some media buzz again after being marketed as “the world’s smallest camera”. While it certainly isn’t the world’s smallest camera, you probably won’t find an interchangeable lens digital camera that’s smaller. You can buy the video-capable 2-megapixel camera over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $100, though it doesn’t appear to come with any additional lenses besides the kit lens.

The World’s Smallest Camera (via Engadget)

  • Pixelbrat

    Here is a review of this camera if anyone is interested.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched this review but I don’t believe the lens is interchangeable.

  • Jwadair

    Ok..but why?

  • c_parker_photo

    No Mac support… :(

  • Oshim1

    Chobi Cam One is different from the one Techmoan reviewed. Teachmoan reviewed the cheaper and High definition Chinese version of Chobi Cam One. The model name is Y3000. The real cheaper Chinese version of the original CHOBi Cam one with VGA video and 2 MP is Y2000. Y3000 is copy of the newer Chobi HD Cam one. While the Chobi comes with interchangeable lens, its replica comes with a fixed lens.