Famous Places Photographed in Bubbles

While on vacation in Ireland five years ago and browsing a street fair, photographer Tom Storm captured a few shots of bubbles floating past. After reviewing the photos and discovering that a whole world was captured in the bubbles, he began to intentionally photograph bubbles while visiting landmarks around the world.

The photos in this post were all shot in various locations in the United States. Can you identify the landmarks?

Check out more of Storm’s work over on his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Tom Storm and used with permission

  • kruemi

    Are you sure, that these photos are not created on the computer? Maybe I’m wrong, but normally a reflection (upside-down part of the image) is mirrored instead of turned b 180°… I’m not an optics specialist but I can’t imagine how this kind of reflection could happen on the surface of a soap bubble.

  • Spider- Man

    Ahhhh, yet google could have easily supplied you the answer…