Artist Mocks the Absurd Poses in Fashion Photos by Showing Them in Real Life

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous many of the poses seen in fashion and glamor photographs are? Artist Yolanda Dominguez has a project called Poses highlighting how absurd and artificial the poses are by having a group of women do them in public locations and filming the reactions of passersby. It’s interesting how something so ridiculous when seen in real life can look so “normal” when done by a model in the context of a fashion photograph.

(via mashKULTURE)

  • Dingoateyourbaby

    That police woman at 3:17 is hot!!!

  • Cathryn Berarovich

    This is really ridiculous. For one thing, fashion poses are, as many people have pointed out, one tiny moment in time; a photo shoot doesn’t involve the model holding one pose for more than maybe one or two minutes. For another, the poses seen in fashion magazines are used to highlight both the clothes and the build of the models, a build that’s significantly different from that of these plain dumpy women.
    I think this project would have come closer to really proving something if the ‘models’ actually looked like real fashion models.

  • crazycobwebs

    Pointless, complete lack of understanding, they really didn’t think this through at all. Quite insulting to that someone is calling themselves an artist.

  • bumerry

    Love it.  Always wondered how models managed those odd Vogue poses.  The normal and healthy bodies of the models are part of the point, for those who don’t understand that part.  A fun project with serious undertones.

    And you can tell it’s not a US city because people show concern over the potentially catatonic and ill women.  Not done here. We have a culture of active un-caring and gleeful violence. I mean, tens of millions of people here actively oppose rationing health care by medical necessity instead of income. Fleeing at my first opportunity.

  • anon

    You can always tell when someone has no interest or expertise in a subject beyond the desire to criticize it. All the video demonstrates is Yolanda’s Headline News understanding of fashion photography.

  • Miss Bonnie Blu

    It’s ridiculous. Anybody realise that part of the positioning of the model is to take into account what she is modelling? ie clothes, shoes, accessories….etc

  • Lindamatkinson

    That’s an insulting remark.

  • Hannahcockill


  • Branewurms

    “Plain dumpy women”?  Oh, that’s not offensive at all. 

  • erriieee

    These poses are usually pulled off by women who are skinny, tall and beautiful, they make the pictures stand out, make us want to imitate the look, buy the clothes and so on. But most of us will never achieve that same look, and we wonder why, then we start to develop issues with our bodies and some can become very unhappy (I’m not saying everyone). Yeah, okay, their poses are used to highlight and accentuate the look, style, clothes, hair etc, but if you have to pull moves like that to make it look good, then what’s the point?

    What this movie points out is that these poses are impractical and unrealistic, they show the clothes in a false light “it looks great on the model!” yeah but who actually stands like that?

  • Anonymous

    It only goes to prove that the designs the (real) models are posing in – also –  look ridiculous when worn by anyone but a 19 year old in front of a camera.  The whole fashion industry is disingenuous and requires a good deal more in the way of critique. 

  • photobax

    and this is more important than the point of the project, why?

  • Christine Ann

    I didn’t think the women posing out in the open where a literal test to see how absurd the poses were.  They were used more as a commentary for the point of the film overall – along with the bits and pieces of interviews of various fashion artists talking about their experiences in the audio.  A nice comparison between the fashion photos and real life.  The people’s reactions to the models is an extra cherry on top.  Really creative and out of the box!

  • Balle

    It is Madrid, in fact, the Gran Vía, in most of the scenes.

  • Bellawhatever

    The audio ruins any enjoyment of the piece, sorry :(

  • Dana the SEO Copywriter

    Bahahahahahahaha, how funny is the one with the three fingers in her mouth :)

  • Jeff Rey

    In any civilized society they would be institutionalized.

  • ErgonAgathon

    Huh? I’ve lived in the U.S. my entire life and have never been arrested or mugged. Here’s the thing about stereotypes, just so you know: They’re usually not accurate.

  • David

    No way!

  • Brittany Uab

    I feel like these are so out of context….modeling/photography are art forms…and while the concept is interesting…there wasn’t a real point to this video except if you stand like an idiot in a weird pose, people will look at you strangely. Who knew!

  • Elle @ Chellbellz

    Agreed, i mean who would stand in a pose like that for morethen 2 seconds? I don’t get why it’s suppose to be funny, it’s not every funny, what do they expect models to do? Just stand there? It’s still a form of artwork to have someone post, and to take a photograph, i guess the artist was trying to be clever…

  • Donp

    Love it, shame about the audio .

  • anon

    of course it looks ridiculous in real life. the point of a fashion photograph in an editorial magazine shoot is creativity and art….not realism.

  • Paulglasper


  • lgeorge

    The music is so loud that the voices cannot be heard. How absolutely distracting is that! And no, I’m not a fashion photographer. I kind of enjoyed the concept but just can’t watch it.

  • Grace

    Well it was reassuring to see that at least some people were concerned about the “models”.

  • Nigel Butler

    ok yea that was some stupid poses

  • Jean O

    I was married to a media-holic and he made poses and repeated emotions and comments he saw on tv and in magazines and got angry with me when I didn’t respond in kind – even in our bedroom. It was horrid and embarrassing. He wanted some fantasy actress/model, not me, for a wife.
    I totally cheer the point of this video. There are children growing up thinking these type of poses are what one is supposed to do to look ‘sensual’ and see the reaction on here to ‘normal’ people recreating these poses!
    I do like the idea of the models in this video changing their pose every so many seconds. If they hadn’t held a pose no one would have looked long enough for a reaction, since they were standing still you couldn’t tell if the reaction was from the pose or the stillness. Rotating poses would have stopped some of that.
    Regardless, the artist wants us to think, and she succeeded in doing that. Ms. Dominguez wanted reactions – she got it in spades. :)

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • Jean O

    I wish I COULD flee! The U.S. is a sick country whose values are really skewed. :(

  • Mitch Labuda

    Art imitates life, or is it, the other way ’round?

  • nomore

    OMG, I almost peed in my pants laughing my butt off.