Nifty Web App Breaks Down Emotions in Online Photos

Emotional Breakdown is a cool new web app that attempts to gauge the mood of the world every day by analyzing the photographs found on The Guardian’s 24 hours in pictures. Using facial recognition technology to find happy, sad, angry, surprised or neutral faces in the images, the app creates a colorful pie chart breaking down the emotions. From the chart above, we see that the world was mostly neutral, surprised, and happy today.

Even cooler is the fact that you can also run the tool on any other URL. Try your own photo collection to see what emotions you’ve been capturing in your images.

Emotional Breakdown (via Mashable)

  • Sam Christopher Cornwell

    This probably serves as no value to Socila Media connections in its current form. The majority of photos taken and uploaded to Facebook are pictures of people enjoying themselves.

    A person would rarely upload a photo of themselves looking all pissed off.