Photographer Refuses to Shoot People Who Are Too Ugly (On the Inside)

A Pennsylvania photographer named Jennifer McKendrick has caused quite a stir by canceling senior portrait sessions with a group of high school girls after discovering evidence of bullying by the teens on Facebook. While browsing Facebook, McKendrick came across a page containing nasty comments left by people whose names matched the ones on her client list, and subsequently cancelled the shoots. In a blog post titled “I Won’t Photograph Ugly People“, McKendrick writes,

This morning I sent out 4 emails to those clients while CC’ing in their parents explaining WHY I was canceling their shoots. I also included screen shots of the comments they made. They couldn’t deny it, I had the picture of what they said. I informed them that I’d be sending their deposits back and that they’d have to find another photographer. So far, I have received two emails back from their parents that claimed (I’m paraphrasing) they were shocked that this had happened. They apologized that their child acted in such a way and that they would deal with the matter. So far I haven’t received any backlash but I’m ready for it. I’m a small business owner and I have the luxury of making that decision. If you are ugly on the inside, I’m sorry but I won’t take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside!

The post has already garnered hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of Facebook “Likes” supporting her decision to stand up against bullying.

I Won’t Photograph Ugly People (via HuffPo via Reddit)

  • jdm8

    Dude, you’re zombieing an eighteen month old thread.

    Edit: no, closer to 28 months.

  • Chris Pickrell

    My bad. The article popped up just now when I was reading the site on the front page. I didn’t notice the date.

  • Kaybee

    Isn’t she bullying the children and their parents indirectly? Not taking their pictures and making it public would hurt their self confidence in life. Bullies are anyways people who has some issues with their confidence and now this… No people are truly ugly. The things that we do bad are ugly. As an adult professional she should not have discriminated against her clients and if she found anything offessive she should have sorted it out those kids, their parents or school. Making things public just is a easy way to kill self esteem and spoil someone else’s future.
    She is an irresponsible adult and a professional in my opinion while trying to appear responsible and wise.

  • Pamela Hall

    Obviously either these girls are not keeping their bullying “private” because they either (a) make their profile public for anyone to see or (b) they are friends with the photographer. In either case the girls put it out there for whoever they “want” to read it so it’s not their “private” business or they would have made it private.

    Stop bullying is not a social “agenda” that you have to become a MEMBER of… it’s a natural response by a human being with feelings for other humans.

  • Pamela Hall

    it just popped up on mine too…. WHY does that matter though?

  • Tom Jakob Brablec

    I think it’s a great decision on her part. If anything, she’s only hurting herself for losing a gig. I don’t know who she is, but checking out the work posted on her website tells me a-holes don’t even deserve to be in any of her shots.

  • Chris Pickrell

    Because someone accused me of zombie-ing an old thread? Because I was responding to someone else’s comment?