Baseball Photographer Talks About Capturing a Triple Play

The 684th triple play in the history of baseball happened yesterday in a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, and Boston Globe staff photographer Jim Davis managed to capture photos of the rare occurrence (they happen a few times per year) through anticipation and preparedness. Here’s a short video in which Davis explains how he did it.

Thanks for the tip, @tmwsiy!

  • Jack Kennedy

    Uhh, I’m British, I have no idea what a ‘triple play’ is, would somebody care to explain?

  • Sam Christopher Cornwell

    I’m from England and I understood NONE of that. Am I meant to be impressed?

  • William

    In Baseball, as defense your goal is to get 3 outs in one inning. A Triple-Play is when you get three players out in one action play. Based on the speed of the runner going from home to 1st base, it makes it difficult to get a Triple-Play by getting the player at 3rd base, 2nd base and then at 1st base

  • Jp

    In baseball, each team takes turns at batting and playing the field. The batting team takes turns trying to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. A batter can be ‘out’ in a number of ways including swinging and missing 3 times, hitting the ball but having a fielder catch it before it hits the ground, or having a fielder who has the ball In hand touch them (plus others ways). After 3 ‘outs’ the teams switch places. Hopefully thats a start. You can google for more info.

  • Sundevilstormin

    in baseball, its when you order and down a hotdog, beer and pretzel in one inning, for $300 bucks

  • Sundevilstormin

    in baseball, its when you order and down a hotdog, beer and pretzel in one inning, for $300 bucks

  • Bob Dunkin

    I can’t believe you gave that info away for free!  You should have at least gotten an explanation of cricket for it! : )

    In terms of what the photographer had to do…simplistically…is shoot 3 separate locations, likely coming from a 4th (the batter) tracking and anticipating the ball to the first location( further away), then 90′ away from that (and somewhat closer) and then 90′ away from that (and closer again).  All this, with two cameras, in about 2 – 3 seconds. 

  • Joke

    Sports photography is the easiest shooting of them all – i have ZERO respect for sports shooters…I shot 3 HS football games last year and sold 250bucks worth of prints with zer experience…its all BS

  • Skinner Photographs

    3 boring photos to be immortalized forever

  • Michael

    I still have no idea what a triple play is!

  • Avaviel

    I’m slightly confused. You seem to think that you selling your ‘zero skill photos’ for $250 means something? Please excuse me while I laugh at you.

    It’s a little bit more than simply taking photos randomly. You have a client, not a mom, who needs a specific photo. If you don’t get it, at that ‘magic’ moment, then you’re out of a job. You don’t plan and if you don’t know EVERYTHING about the sport, you can’t do your job. Do you think this guy got $250 for what he did? No, he got far more than that, and he deserved it.

    It’s your ignorance that tells you that sports shooters – like this professional photographer – have zero skill, or need zero skill. You’d die if you had to do what he did, because you could not do what he did. I’m not saying you can’t get the skill, I’m saying you haven’t taken the time to train yourself in the knowledge of what you would need to know before, the know how of the equipment, and the special knack that is inborn from years of photography.

  • Lewista

    Cricket is just plain boring, I live about 50 yards from my local cricket pitch, I’ve wandered down there a few times to watch and I’m still trying to work out which team I should be cheering for as they all wear White!!l

  • tferroato 
    I’m pretty sure this is the play he’s talking about. 

  • tferroato 
    I’m pretty sure this is the play he’s talking about. 

  • tferroato 
    I’m pretty sure this is the play he’s talking about. 

  • Spider- Man
  • Spider- Man
  • Mattzjunk

    Wow, how come there are so many comments from people who suck?  I’m not a fan of baseball but it takes like two seconds to recognise how rare the opportunity is to see a tripple play in action, much less be prepared for one.  I mean its right there in the begining, baseball’s 684th tripple play.  So, maybe 7 a year are done out of 4,800 pro games a year.  Not real often, and yet this guy did a good job of being prepared and getting good photos.  Yet so many try and trivialize the photographer or the subject, ya those people suck.