Gerber Steady Multi-tool Includes a Has for Outdoorsy Photo-enthusiasts

Multi-tools are pretty convenient when you’re wandering around the great outdoors, but they’ve never really been a friend specifically to photographers. That changes with Gerber’s new Steady multi-tool, which turns into a mini-tripod using fold-out legs on one side and a fold-out tripod screw on the other. It also has 11 other useful tools to help you get things done. The Steady will be available starting in Spring 2012 for $65.

(via Uncrate)

Thanks for the tip, Drew!

  • Spider- Man

    sweet! I always carry a knife and this would be great for the plastic and TLR cams I carry around randomly…

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    That is badass!

  • Finny

    I noticed the small camera on top.  Will this hold a DSLR with zoom lens?