Magnum Photographer Group Portrait

How do a group of the world’s premier photographers shoot a group portrait? Well, just like the rest of us! This short one minute video shows photographer René Burri — who made iconic photos of Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso — shooting the group portrait at the end of this year’s meeting between Magnum Photo members (something he’s done for 30 years).

Kudos to anyone who can identify the camera Burri used and the people in the group photo shown at the end.

(via PDN Pulse via The Click)

  • Hal Lee

    Looks like an M9.

  • Learningtoshootthroughpractice

    respect the guy a lot but composition was a tad off, needed to take the shot up a bit

  • Hunter

    My guess is either a Leica M8 or M9 as well. Or maybe one of the numerous special additions (I know the Leica crowd can get dictatorial over versions ;-).

  • Bob O’Shaughnessy

    Since he wasn’t winding it and it didn’t have an extra 1.5″ of motor on the bottom I’d say M8 or M9.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I really expected more out of this shot. At the very least leaving a little breathing room over the heads of the photogs at the top of the frame. I have trouble believing that making the guys at the top seem like second-rate citizens was the artist’s goal. 

    This photo has all the appeal and technical merit of an average family reunion snapshot. :( 

  • Michael

    ZZZzzzz there is nothing interesting to see here.

  • Henning Nilsen

    Pretty terrible…
    Also it’s either a M9 or a M8.2, the shutter is too quiet to be the M8.

  • Ali Zaidi

    Who gives a fcuk?! :P

  • Alessandro Casagli

    and what’s his problem with italians?? he looks pretty ignorant.

  • Douglas

    Sometimes its not a matter of what is wrong with the photo but more what is wrong with your expectations.  Being that this was taken by a world renowned photographer makes us expect better, but personally I just appreciate that anyone took the time to take a group portrait at all.  Sometimes a snapshot is all that is necessary.  Also, we’ve only seen the shot featured in a video.  I don’t think any of us wants our images judged from thumbnails or youtube stills. 

  • M. Federico

    Sounded to me just being french. Ya know, french people isn’t that loveful with italians.

  • M. Federico

    I actually lolled, since this looked more like one of those funny group shots at some informal event. It’s nice because it looks like he wanted to get out the most human part of being in this agency. They’re like us after all, aren’t they?

  • Sebastián Soto

     I actually expected better because this is PetaPixel.

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