How to Add a Vignette Using Photoshop

Vignetting is often viewed as a bad thing when discussing lens quality, but it’s sometimes desirable to add artificial vignetting to a photograph to draw attention to the center of the image, separating the subject from the background. Here’s a helpful tutorial that shows how you can add vignetting using a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Stacy Davis Osterman

    This tutorial is very well explained and does give an excellent effect…but the same can be done in Camera RAW without the massive amounts of layers and masks. Just go to the FX tab in RAW and most of these options are already there for you as sliders.

  • Joakim Bidebo

    Kinda correct, ACR or LR have standard vignetting tool but the video went one more step tho that can’t be done easily in either of those apps.¬† (Not saying it’s impossibility to use a gradient effect in both ACR and LR but it’s a lot easier with layers in PS.)

  • Anonymous

    My favoured way: Filter->Distort->Lens Correction->Vignette!