Photographer Uses Mouth as a Camera

For her series titled Face to Face, photographer Ann Hamilton placed a pinhole camera in her mouth and shot photographs by simply opening her mouth at people. Upon first glance, the view almost looks like you’re looking out someone’s eye.

Hamilton writes,

Making the orifice of language the orifice of sight, a small pinhole camera is placed within the mouth’s interior. When my mouth opens, the film is exposed. The resulting image is a trace presence of standing or sitting “face to face” with a person or landscape. The figure or landscape becomes the pupil in the eye shape created by my mouth, much the same way as one sees a tiny image of oneself in the reflection of another person’s pupil.

You can find more of her work over on her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Ann Hamilton and used with permission

  • Tom

    Strange to say the least. “Normal” pinhole cameras need a very long exposure time. Did the photographer just stand there looking at her subject with her mouth gaping open whilst her subjects stood still for a couple of minutes?

  • Henning Nilsen

    Kind of awesome. Kind of creepy.

  • Cameron Knight

    Not that new of an idea. Pinhole Guru Justin Quinnell did a series of photos the same way. His style is a lot different, so wouldn’t say Hamilton is stealing the ideal, but it’s not totally original.

  • Guest

    Who cares it’s awesome

  • Tony Bodinnar

    You took the words ‘out of my mouth’! Justin is indeed the Pinhole Guru and it would have been nice if Ann had ‘homaged’ him (assuming she’d heard of him which she should have done if she had researched pinhole photography in any depth). But I do like the ‘eye’ aspect (which as you say makes her work a little different). I was at college with the old fart and this reminds me I haven’t been in touch for a while so…

  • Bodinnar

    On an individual level I totally agree. On a ‘genre’ level see above post.

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  • Allie Bays

    yes, she did.

  • Ben

    Top one, my grandpa, second one, my cousin. I forgot about these pictures.