Mark Charged Batteries with Post-it Flags

Do you have an efficient way of keeping track of which batteries or memory cards are fresh and ready to use? Flickr user Damon Hair uses Post-it Flags to tag charged batteries and formatted memory cards, letting him quickly swap out used ones when shooting without having to check them one at a time. For an even cheaper solution, you can try wrapping a small rubber band around them instead.

(via Lifehacker)

Image credit: ready tags by and used with permission

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    Euroka! This is pure genius – thank you! :)

  • Jimmy Harbal

    If you’ve got a ton of aa batteries like I do (I’m a photographer) then you should consider getting these cool battery holders that have marks for charged and not charged right on the containers

  • Anthony Bliss

    Save a fortune on post-it tabs.

    Don’t take full CF cards with you, only empty ones.
    Just put clear formatted CF cards into card holder showing branding, and used cards put back in with name side showing.

    As for batteries – only put charged ones in your bag – and empty your bag after each job.
    Have a small box for empty and another one for charged next to the battery charger.
    Pick up the batteries you need (from the full side) as the last check-in before you go off to the job.

    Then just put one post-it note on the car steering wheel – “remember batteries and CF cards ?”

  • Diogo

    With batteries i just position them in the way that they come out of charger (all + to one side, all – to the other) or camera (each side intercalated +-+-)

  • Anonymous

    I use Tools Aviation’s PowerPax for batteries ( …if they’re charged, I put them in positive side up. If they’re dead, they go in negative side up.

    As in the picture, I also use the CardSafes..and as someone said, just put full cards upside down in the case.

    This post it note stuff is a huge waste of time and kind of looks ridiculous.

  • Damon Hair

    i shoot all day at times. i will have full and emty cards and batteries both in my bag. this is just what works for me. everyone has their own system.