PetaPixel Turns Two Years Old

PetaPixel turns two today. I won’t bore you with statistics like I did last year, since those are shared at the end of each calendar year, but our readership continues to grow at a pretty healthy clip. This marks the end of my first year of publishing PetaPixel as my full time job — I haven’t really used my computer science education at all, but I would take blogging about photography over a programming job any day!

You haven’t heard much from Jessica Lum this last year because she’s been loaded with work since entering Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. You might be seeing her around again once she graduates from the program next May, but best of luck to her as she finishes the final year of her program.

So far PetaPixel has remained pretty much a one-man operation. As we continue to grow, we might be looking to add more writers and expand our content in different ways, but that’ll probably be in the semi-distant future.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our content so far, and that you’ll keep visiting as we continue in our mission to publish photography-related awesomeness for all the photography-lovers of the world. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, retweeting, liking, and everything else that you do!

  • David Williams

    This is one of the few ‘websites’ I check every day without fail. Keep up the splendid work, my good man.

  • Dave

    Most definitely! Very much enjoy your posts/tweets.
    Happy anniversary, and keep up the good work please!


  • kahokarl

     Happy birthday Petapixel :) and thanks for all the good shares Michael!

  • Steve

     Congrats – I honestly thought that you had been around for much longer than two years. That makes what you have achieved all the more remarkable.

    Here is to the next two and beyond…

  • Puna Miller

    Congratulations! I just recently found you and I love your content, some of which is very funny. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Mike

     Fantastic! Congrats, Michael! Two years ago I was directed here from PB and now I visit ALL the time. Cheers.

  • deezee

     Congrats! You always seem to discover / create an interesting photo tidbit that I love discovering.

  • Seattle

     Congrats PetaPixel!

  • Charcot

     As David said this is one of only 2 or 3 photo websites that I check daily- keep doing what you are doing because so far it’s working    Ernie

  • Anonymous

     I just found this web site a few months ago and now i check it every day keep up the good work  day keep up the good work 

  • Erin Wilson

     Happy Birthday :)  Thanks for all the great content!

  • Eric James Soltys

     Congratulations Michael on your first year full-time on PetaPixel.

  • Parrancho

     Congratulations from Spain!!!

  • Travis

    Happy 2nd Peta.

    If ever you are in the need guest articles I’d be happy to help, I’ve been thinking about venturing into magazine and or web site writting for a while now.

  • Travis

    Happy 2nd Peta.

    If ever you are in the need guest articles I’d be happy to help, I’ve been thinking about venturing into magazine and or web site writting for a while now.

  • Robert

    Congratulations on your 2nd year anniversary.  I enjoy your awesome content and keep up the good work Michael.


    Congrats! I am seriously addicted, checking the RSS feed in Pulse app on my Xoom, on my phone and on my laptop at least 3-4 times a day. 90% of my Facebook shares are coming from here :). Thank you for all the good work!


  • Stuart

     Fantastic work Michael. Honestly, I am on this site each and every day!

  • Aaron Stidwell

    This is one of my favorite photography blogs. Congrats on two years and do a post if you ever star looking for more contributors since you’re a one-man operation now!

  • KirillSukhov

    My Congr!!!!
    Very good site!! in my fav+ 

  • Light Stalking

    Well done, Michael. This is definitely one of the “must visit” photography websites! You have done a superb job.

  • Photofacts

     Congratz and keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    My day starts and ends with Petapixel – so happy with the quality content you post. Keep it up!

  • Calgary Photographer

     I love this blog and visit it every day. I also share great posts on Facebook and Twitter of course. Keep up the great work!

  • joy

    Happy Birthday for PP. I love this site!

    Loog luck!  


    Congratulations and thanks for all your interesting and entertaining articles.
    I discovered Petapixel about a year ago and have come back almost daily since then.
    Chris from Switzerland