Beautiful HDR Time-lapse of Las Vegas

Here’s a beautiful tone mapped HDR time-lapse video of Las Vegas shot by Philip Bloom using a few Canon DSLRs and a Panasonic GH2. He spent 5 days shooting, and many more processing the bracketed photographs using Photomatix Pro. It’s pretty amazing seeing Las Vegas go from day to night and then back again — all in HDR. To find out how Bloom did this, check out the behind-the-scenes writeup and video over on his blog.

  • Raymer 84

    Absolutely gorgeous, very well done :)

  • ProbablyNotAGoodSign

    I don’t even want to think about how much time must have gone into this. The high altitude night-time shot with the planes flying by was probably my favorite part. Nicely done.


    Poor guy: he went 5 days to Vegas and spent every minute at his hotel room window. Kidding, nice video.

  • Las Vegas Web Design

     Thank you very much for sharing the information with us.

  • New-Camera

    Nice job done here from Philip Bloom

  • Don Blackmore

    Totally unreal video. Hope you got paid for that. 10 outta 10. Brilliant.
    Thanks for uploading it Phillip
    Don Blackmore