Words of Wisdom Shared by Acclaimed Photographers

Ovation TV made this interesting video showing acclaimed photographers Albert Maysles, Sylvia Plachy, Andrew Moore, Timothy Greenfield Sanders and Gregory Crewdson answering various questions about photography and sharing words of advice regarding things they’ve learned over the years.

(via f stoppers)

  • kahokarl

    After seeing the out-takes all I wanted was to see more!

  • br

    I honestly found that boring and pointless

  • Anonymous

    What was interesting to me was just how similar each photographer’s advice was, as if the world of photogs still just don’t get it – it’s the photographer, not the camera. Maybe once we actually start listening they’ll have something else to say ;)

  • Karl Leung

    So the full doc was recently broadcast here in Ontario and is also viewable here a full week before OvationTV’s premiere.  Alas I didn’t find it as interesting as I had hoped… but there’s plenty of other great films out there!