Google to Send Hordes of Photographers into Businesses for Street View Photos

Google Street View photos won’t be limited to the exterior of buildings for much longer — the company has just announced Google Business Photos, a service that will allow Google websites to show the interiors of local businesses. If you thought having vehicles equipped with Street View cameras driven up and down every street in every city was a tedious project, for Business Photos Google is planning to have photographers sent to businesses that apply for the service. Crowd-sourcing the imagery would definitely be less labor intensive, but shooting inside private property requires permission.

Here’s a promotional video Google released showing claymation photographers visiting businesses with DSLRs and tripods:

If you’re a photographer look for work, perhaps this new project will open up some jobs at Google for you!

(via ReadWriteWeb)

  • Salz

    I hope this project will start in Germany soon. This job is exactly my cup of tea. And it’s a good reason to buy the Panny 7-14 lens. :D

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Anyone know where photographers can apply to actually go out and do the shoots? Id do this type of thing completely free in my city.

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  • White Hot Phoenix

    I wonder what the going rates will be. I also hope there is some sort of qualification process so that joe blow with a dslr can’t just waltz in for the job.

  • Mike

    Seems that e.g. Andrew MacDonald will “just waltz in for the job”.

  • Ray Rowland

    Google would be best employed minding their own business