Amateur Photographer Shoots Largest Ever True Color Photo of the Night Sky

What you see above is the largest true-color photograph of the night sky ever created, shot by 28-year-old amateur astrophotographer Nick Risinger using six astronomical cameras. It’s not just the view of the sky from one location, but is instead a 360-panoramic view of the sky taken by trekking 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010. The final image is composed of 37,000 separate photographs. Check out the massive zoomable high-definition version of the photo here.

Photopic Sky Survey (via Wired)

Thanks for the tip Udi!

  • captaindash

    He leaves a carbon footprint with every photo? Does it happen when he steps but doesn’t press the shutter? I’m never letting him walk across my carpet. You think it’s solid like what happened to Han Solo, or is it in powder form that you could at least vacuum up?

  • captaindash

    People are shocked at the “amateur” part. Amateur just means you can devote all your camera time to skills and fun which means talent isn’t far behind. This was a crazy amount of effort. Well done.

  • RK Bergman

    I want this as my monitor wallpaper