The Story of How Jews Were Saved by the ‘Leica Freedom Train’

Last week we briefly wrote on how Leica played a role in saving Jews by helping them flee Nazi Germany. Turns out the effort was called the Leica Freedom Train, and this short 3-minute documentary tells the story in a bit more detail. An interesting fact is that each Leica refugee was given a Leica camera as a symbol of freedom.

Leica Freedom Train (via Leica Rumors)

  • cool

    Great documentary. But it is pity and ironic that Israel is now selling huge amount of weapons to terrorists throughout the world.

  • Diane Baum

    Great documentary-Israel may have some issues they need to address, but they don’t sell weapons to terrorists-

  • Matthew Choi

    looking at what they’re doing to the Palestinians, they’re probably not much different than their enemies

  • BostonBob

    …if the Palestinians were as powerful as the Israelis, I bet they wouldn’t treat the Israelis that great, either. It’s a complicated issue and no one is a winner in this current situation. Now, lets talk about Leica cameras…

  • Carreaux

    ┬áSmall point, but the picture at 2:08-9 shows British police officers. I don’t know what it’s actually of, but it certainly isn’t the Kristallnacht.

  • Taint SEPA

    Israel doesn’t have a leg to stand on in any debate involving weapons and ethics. To the best of my knowledge, Israel hasn’t adopted a single treaty restricting use of any kind of weapon – be they landmines, cluster bombs, chemical or biological weapons, or nuclear. If there’s one supposedly established country that’s keeping its options open as to human cruelty, it’s Israel.

  • Mako

    “An interesting fact is that each Leica refugee was given a Leica camera as a symbol of freedom.” This makes it more unlikely!!!