Creative Way to Shoot Airplane Photos without Being Stopped by Security

There’s a lot of paranoia when it comes to doing photography in and around airports these days — much to the dismay of plane spotters — but wedding photographer and airplane enthusiast Lynn-Kai Chao came up with a neat way to do airplane photography without worrying the TSA: by using airplane models. Believe it or not, the above photograph is actually a Photoshopped photograph of Chao holding a model airplane.

Here’s what the original, unaltered photograph looked like:

Pretty neat idea huh? Were you fooled?

Image credit: Photographs by Lynn-Kai Chao and used with permission

  • Bas ter Beek

    Wow. That came really unexpected. Really nice!

  • Anonymous

    Consider me a fool.

  • themosquito

    Looks like someone needs to clean their sensor.

  • Lennart

    Didn’t expect that, but once you know it’s fake you can definitely see the content-aware contrast line :P

    And for planespotters this is ofcourse completely useless!

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Gotta love content aware fill.

  • Little Jedi Master

    Don’t think it will hold up in full size view

  • Kenneth Tin

    Neat trick. I have to say this, though:

    It’s a bit of a sad day in America when photographers have to think up creative ways to pretend to take photographs of airplanes rather than just taking a photograph of an airplane.

  • iScott

    Its a very sad day. We need to stand up for our rights. Don’t be scared people… even if you get arrested they will have to let you go and then you can file a lawsuit, get some money and buy some nice lenses.

  • br

    he could have some fun with perspective here if he had a person enter the compostion

  • Monteraz
  • Lynn-Kai Chao

    yea, the dreaded content aware. its gone in the final version. mike posted a prefinal.

  • Lynn-Kai Chao

    yea i get stopped by cops all the time for spotting. they are fine with it as long as you dont take photos of infrastructure

  • Lynn-Kai Chao

    wow those are awesome!!!!

  • Lynn-Kai Chao

    lol mike, it was for my thesis, not a substitute for planespotting. =P

  • Monteraz

    OH, thank you so Lynn!

    I visited your web, your job is really a fresh view on engagement photography

  • Dana Weise

    These are lovely!

  • Lynn-Kai Chao

    thanks =)

  • Ellishumphres

    You are all certainly terrorists, as only they would be interested in pictures of airplanes. We have taken note of your ip addresses, and will be waterboarding you soon. Please sit where you are, an agent will be with you shortly.

  • tonyc0101

    hahaha, nice! So were the clouds from a nearby chain-smoker? lol