Inconspicuous Camera Bag Designed to Look like a Quiver for Arrows

If Legolas from Lord of the Rings ever decided to trade his bow for a camera, the new Urban Quiver by the newly formed Blackstone Bags is a camera bag he might use. The quiver shape keeps it from attracting too much attention from would-be thieves, while the compactness allows it to be stored in small spaces like the overhead bins on airplanes.

The inside of the bag has three movable dividers that give you flexibility with what you choose to carry around:

The Urban Quiver will set you back $125 and is available now through the product website.

Urban Quiver (via Reddit)

  • Johannes

    The Hazard 4 Photo Recon has the same concept but packs more storage space.

  • Brett

    I actually really like it. The form factor I think would make it very easy to place in various places during travel or a meeting.

  • Simon Hucko

    right, because it’s so inconspicuous to be carrying something that looks like a quiver around?

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the square rocket launcher from Commando.

  • Flgraphics

    ya I don’t know about it being inconspicuous. they might not be sure what in it… but it would still draw attention

  • Matthew

    Make it look like a yoga mat bag, and then you’ve got something incognito.

  • Fletcherdervish

    Good call…

  • ranger9

    Inconspicuous, right. “Let’s rob that guy — he’s probably got a $350 bow and a couple of dozen $5-apiece carbon arrows in that big square black thing…” [prices from Amazon]

  • ranger9

    It’s probably inconspicuous if you live in Sherwood Forest and all your friends wear green tights.

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha, not sure if it’s common for street thieves to rob people of weapons… :)

  • Lolicht

    it should be nice if it’s possible to put it from left shoulder to right hip, for people using a rig …

  • Blaimingtoad

    or know exactly how much an arrow costs.

  • Mdavis

    Maybe it’s from years of working in education, but to me the plain backpack style bags are the most inconspicuous. This bag stands out like a sore thumb IMO.

  • ZeGerman

    Inconspicuous?? Anything that isn’t the shape of a standard backpack = expensive goodies inside.

  • rongraves

    It bears not the slightest resemblance to any quiver that I, as an archer, have ever seen, including that use by Legolas in LOTR.

    It’s just a box on a strap.

  • rongraves

     Forget Amazon Рthey sell crap arrows. A decent carbon target arrow will set you back about $15-$20

  • BrokenEye

    Disguising something non-threatening as something threatening? I’m pretty sure that’s not how “inconspicuous” works, guys.