Lake Photographs Made Abstract Using Lake Water

For his project Lakes and Reservoirs, photographer Matthew Brandt exposed using both light and water — after shooting photos of each lake or reservoir (i.e. exposing with light), he made a chromogenic print and then soaked the photo in the water that was photographed, thus exposing it to water.

Brandt tells us,

In the series titled lakes and reservoirs, I used water collected from various lakes and reservoirs to degrade their own images. Conventional C-prints were made of lakes and reservoirs around the western United States. Their prints were then soaked in its lake water to varying lengths of time from days to weeks, or months. During this soaking period, the water breaks down the layers of colors that make the image. What is left are degraded C-prints, remnants of the color breakdown that compose the image of the lake or reservoir. It is not only a project about the reflection of a photographic subject that meets its image, but also a metaphor for the degraded technology of color negative printing.

You can check out the entire project over on Brandt’s website here.

Image credits: Photographs by Matthew Brandt and used with permission

Thanks for the tip Linda!

  • Alythe87

    pretentious tripe

  • Jeremy

    You can pretend there is some metaphorical meaning behind these all you want, but they are really just kind of pointless and are not very good photos.

  • Rebekkah Owens

    You sound rather pretentious yourself with that little comment.

  • Rebekkah Owens

    While these are certainly not some of my favorite pictures, I will admit they are interesting. Perhaps if the distortion covered the entire photo instead little splotches it would be more appealing to me. I do, however, like was what done with the first example.

  • Anonymous

    its called using a unique process, not like you with your iphone and hipstamatic, that is lame. This guy is a photographer not a poser

  • Kenny

    Just because it is a unique process or idea doesn’t make it a good one.

  • Gilad Koriski

    One of the things I like about art is that you can express yourself in whatever means you find appropriate.
    One of the things I like about democracy is that you’re free to express your own opinion.
    There’s no wrong or right in art, you can love it, hate it or just be indifferent, as long as it’s encouraging debate, in my own opinion, it’s doing something right.

  • Robert Korn

    I agree with you 100%…if the “unique process” leaves you with something that simply looks like a gross error in processing, I find nothing interesting about it.