Slow Photography Concept Cam Lets You Use Your Phone Like a Hasselblad

With the recent craze on mimicking retro photography through phone apps, it’s only natural that someone would take it a step further and design a retro way to shoot with the phone as well, right? The Slow Photography camera concept by photographer David McCourt is a medium format-style box that lets you use your phone as a digital back.

To operate, slide the front face open and insert your mobile phone. Turn the lens to select which lens effect you want.
The Slow Photography camera has three lenses; fixed focal length, macro and fisheye. Carefully compose your shot by
looking through the viewfinder and push the shutter release to capture your shot. [#]

Here are some “example shots” taken with the concept camera:

What do you think of the idea?

Slow Photography (via Wired)

  • Oliver Lea

    Of course, this assumes 1. your phone is compatible 2. your phone camera isn’t terrible 3. you have enough money to buy this thing 4. you have a want to buy this thing.

    If you meet point #4, I do not want to talk to you. Ever.

  • Brett

    I tend to get annoyed with these products that take your (usually) high end phone and basically make it a hard to use box that takes blurrier pictures in order to seem like you’re artistic.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I love old film style and even do plenty of cross processing in Photoshop, but the amount of products available just for a phone is just ridiculous. It’s not necessarily more convenient in this case as you take this rather nicely sized metal box and put your notably “portable” cellphone in it to take pictures.

  • Nosaliotucheque

    this thing is ridiculous. if you want to mimick a hassel, why not just use a damn hassel and shoot with really really nice optics?

  • Marc van der Veen

    Agreed, to actually buy this and use it would be ridiculous

  • Alex

    Obnoxious and gimmicky.

    Surely only of any appeal to the kind of people who populate this world:

  • Tye

    Are those seriously the best shots they could grab to use as examples?

  • Tye

    Are those seriously the best shots they could grab to use as examples?

  • Salz

    I really don’t get it. What is the point of that thing? It doesn’t even look “geeky” (with fancy lights and bling blings).
    I’m wondering how your ringtone sounds like if your poor phone is trapped in that box. I’m also wondering how long it takes to get it out. :D

  • CamSavvy

    And again… Petapixel with another stupid post. Let’s change this site name to crapgadget.

    How about you buy a fucking camera and take pictures with that?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else notice, his hair looks like it’s sliding off his head? I’d be more worried whether or not my hair was blocking the shot. Also I like the concept (besides the use of a front door fisheye lense for it). I mean give him credit on how well built the thing is and also the idea but yes, there’s not really a mass population except hipsters for this product, or very few photographers that are trying to practice slowing down their photography for practice (which is much needed these days)

  • Michael Zhang

    Tone down on the abusive comments a bit Paul. If you don’t like PetaPixel (or crapgadget), no one’s forcing you to read. ;-)

  • JustAguest

    “Douchebag”…….Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole. I think you all fall under this category…. That is all.

  • Toni Aull

    I love it!!!!!

  • Adam

    Seriously, this is sad. I love hacks and going retro, but why one earth would anyone go this far to mimic the mechanics of a Hassy without getting ANY of the image benefits? Oh, nevermind, I know why, it’s all about appearing to be retro, without actually making any actual effort. Rest assured, if you get spotted using a comical piece of crap like this, people will be laughing AT you, not with you.

  • Ugh.

    “Douchebag”…….Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole. I think you all fall under this category…. That is all.

    ^^This. Critique is all well and grand, but to go so far as to criticize his hair?


  • dude

    I think its cool

  • Pete Forde

    The saddest thing about all of this is that nobody has pointed out that this isn’t how a Hasselblad works at all.

    Hasselblads have interchangeable lenses and focusing rings. They don’t expand and contract bellows style the way a Rollei would.

    Also, hip focusing (top down) is not a Hasselblad feature per se. All TLR cameras support this, and many Hasselblad shooters use a 90 or 45 degree prism finder.

  • Keow82

    If you actually go on to the guy’s website, he doesn’t say anything about Hasselblad or any of the TLR cameras. This always happens with this kind of product. Websites post an article and put their own spin on it and it gets taken wildly out of context.

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  • ageesk325

    I actually kinda get it. I like a ton of other folks have bought Hipstamatic and for a fun little toy in my pocket, it’s great. That’s the key, its a toy. Not because the images are crap, they’re not all that bad considering what they are!

    I have a deep love of film and still shoot and develop 120/220 and 4×5 on a regular basis. In the past, if I want the Holga “look”, I would whip out my Holga; BUT I have muttered numerous times how much I would like to skip the development process sometimes and just go straight to digital.

    My biggest complaint of the iphone camera apps is that the interface is unfamiliar and frankly feels odd. If a product brought some familiarity and usability I don’t know that I am against that. The idea of the lenses is ridiculous, but a brownie-style camera case could actually turn apps like Hipstamatic into something usable.

    No, I would not trade this for any of my “real” cameras, but my diana, holga, lca-2? Sure! The iphone camera can offer a great alternative for both look and resolution. I can’t help but think this is what the designer intended it for, not as a replacement, but a more ergonomic, reasonable way to use a pretty cool toy.

    On a personal note, I appreciate the posts that PetaPixel offers, and would like to suggest that qualified, professional opinions be more visible in these comments. For anyone who recommended buying a real camera here’s whats in my camera bag for work today :)

  • Nacho DeGarvo

    While I don’t like it because it’s a phone camera and bla bla bla,

    It is still a cool looking little piece that someone designed and put time and effort into, and I think it turned out brilliant. I think the way it’s able to put the phone in a sleek position to take the shot while simultaneously giving you the working viewfinder of a TLR is rather clever and the overall design is sleek, minimal, and attractive.

    We don’t know the designer’s reasons behind making this. Whether someone honestly wanted to incorporate their phone into handheld viewfinder, or someone is doing it because they were hired, or hoping to be, by a large company.

    Maybe they did a dumb thing, but they did it well.