How to Properly Clean Your Camera Lens

Here’s a pretty lengthy video tutorial by the (unofficial) Nikon Help Hotline channel on YouTube teaching how to properly and thoroughly clean a camera lens.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Gabe Sturdevant

    This “helpline” is wrong on nearly everything they publish. It is well known that they give false or misleading information all the time. I do not trust them.

  • Gabe Sturdevant

    Rubbing alcohol will KILL the protective coating on the lens within 6 months. Seen it happen several times. Huff some breath on your lens, and wipe with microfiber cloth. Simple.

  • Alfred Low

    Why did it need to be a video?!?

  • Paul Timon

    What’s with the music!?!?!?

  • Pj

    i can’t help but feel videos like this prevent more people from cleaning their lenses than it helps.

  • Bob Bowne

    Are you kidding me. I am sure that the press photographers in Afganistan and Libya would have a TREMENDOUS howl at this video. Please..enough already.

  • chris costello

    so my shirt tail.. not really recemoend then…

  • bri

    that was horrible

  • Ruben Lammerink

    Please change the description to “How NOT to properly clean your Camera Lens” don’t use alcohol on your lens!!!!! It will destroy the coating over time.

  • Jon M

    First, why do you need to clean a lens under a filter?? Isn’t that what the filter is for? Second, dust on the front lens doesn’t kill image quality, the photographer can do that on his own. Third, use denatured alchohol; I’ve used it for years with no problems and no residue like rubbing alchohol leaves behind.

  • Mino

    it’s a tune of John Coltrane’s “Summertime”.

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    Yeah, the alcohol will ruin your lens coating.

  • Keith

    Your lens was dirtier after your cleaning process…

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  • PatDen

    Much of the time watching this, I was shouting at the screen – “NO! What are you DOING?!?!?” It’s okay. I’ve calmed down, now. I think I’m ready for the sequel where he refinishes the lens starting with fine grit sandpaper and working his way down to micro-polishing grit.

    I see that voting and comments are disabled for the video – can’t imagine why!! Does anyone know the back-story on this video? Was it a prank?