Hitch Concept Camera for Capturing Memories at Group Events

At weddings, guests are often given disposable cameras that they can use to capture memories from their vantage point, but collecting and processing them afterwards can be a hassle and it’s definitely not something that has caught up with our digital photography age. Hitch is a concept camera idea by industrial design student Martin Spurway that makes a lot of sense — guests at an event are given simplified digital cameras, and photographs from the cameras are automatically collected when the camera is placed on a special dock.

The dock also double’s as a projector, beaming photographs onto the wall to show a recap of the day’s events!

Someone should make these and rent them out for weddings!

Image credit: Images by Martin Spurway and used with permission

  • Photo

    Yeah, so people’s beautiful weddings can be ruined with their drunk friend’s shit photos. The photographer should get to hit up the bar at any wedding this happens at!!

  • Antti

    It’s not said that at every wedding people are wasted, or is it?

    Should this kinda product be even somewhat cheap and affordable when compared to a professional photographer, I’d consider to get something like this.

    The idea for posting images realtime on a wall at an event is quite simple though, but it takes some technology and effort from the photographer too to make such work.

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  • Simone Gobbo

    Not to mention the number of cameras that would misteriously “disappear” after the event!!

  • Think Harder

    Okay, Why not just setup a projector with facebook or another social networking site displayed and have all the guests post and tag photos? It obviously wouldn’t replace a photographer but it would be added entertainment. With smart phones these days everyone would have the camera and if they’re not part of your groups why are they at your wedding? Just a thought!

  • Sfaulk

    How about giving the guests a Mobile X2 memory card from Eye-Fi. Each camera with a Eye-Fi card will automatically transmit their image to a mobile me Gallery where the image will be displayed in a looping slideshow via projector at the wedding. All at the same time. instantaneously.

  • Heather Antonitis

    Really? What’s with all the pans? I LOVE this idea. Obviously doesn’t replace a professional photographer. And I’d love this for my annual Christmas party or kids’ birthday parties. At parties I host, I NEVER have any photos because I’m hosting. Something this cute and clever would actually encourage guests to take and pose for photos instead of viewing them as an annoyance. I love it!

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  • Longwen Du

    Simone, I don’t know if you’ve misinterpreted the idea, but the point is the cameras are stripped down to very basic functionality, meaning without the dock the cameras individually are useless. They only work within a certain range of the docking station.

  • Simone Gobbo

    Hi Longwen, I understood how they work but I’m Italian :D You can trust me if I say that here in Italy someone probably would steal even the docking station… “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe” LOL :D The concept is great anyway!

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