Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Instantly Beams Your Photos to Mobile Devices

Eye-Fi announced their new Mobile X2 memory card today, which allows you to instantly transfer photos taken with your camera to mobile devices running iOS or Android. With the card in your camera and their special app on your device, a direct Wi-Fi connection will be established allowing you to shoot straight to your device. The 8GB card will be available later this week for $80.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 (via Gizmodo)

  • Nathan Caulford

    Will it work if I put it in a SD to CF adapter and put it in my Canon EOS 7d? And, are the Eye Fi people ever think of us CF users and make a Eye Fi CF card? Are there any actual hardware constraints inherent in the CF card that prevents them from doing this, or what?

  • Michael Goulding

    I agree!!! I want one for my 7D as well!!

  • Peter

    I hope it’s quicker than the last card

  • Richcaplan

    The adapter didn’t fit into my Nikon D700.

  • Seth

    I got a Pro X2 for Christmas. I’d be curious to know if a firmware upgrade would allow this same kind of thing to work (or if it already does – it’s not something I’ve tried).

  • Anonymous

    It’s unsupported, but some people report success with an SDXC->CF adapter.

  • Ray209

    I’m ready to storm the company HQ, kidnap pets, or wipe their iPods and install 100% disco music in order to get them to make a WiFi CF card! Aaaaarrrggggh!

  • tsy

    thats because the d700 and my d3s can only fit type 2 cf cards and a type 2 sd-cf card adaptor does not exist.

    eyefi really needs to come out with a CF card version, perhaps with stronger antennas

  • Daveh

    Just got CF adapter and a Pro X2. Not recognised in 5D or PC. Other adapters have specific warnings that they do not work with X2 series cards. Bummer. 

  • Jwharbal

    I found a blog post on this subject, the guy says he uses a cf card adapter for his 5d mark ii and it works great: Here’s a Link: