An Entire Relationship Told Through Photos in Four Minutes

“Thrush” is a creative short film that tells the story of a relationship in four minutes using only photographs. It was created by Gabriel Bisset-Smith back in 2009.

(via Boing Boing)

  • Alessandro Casagli

    If only was a real story, it would have been nice.

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  • K_c_s

    That looks like me in my teens at the beginning with the hula necklace and hat. Did you get it off my sister?

  • Danielrohanlevy

    Really well done.

  • Legend parts

    I just loved it…its something very nice and different.I would like to see this type posts again and again…nice story narrated and and shows the real facts of life…thanx for posting

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  • Bstarr67

    Man, I just hate it when that happens…and happens…and happens…

  • not_amused

    Whatever. Total waste of time. Why does anyone care about the minutia of some jackass hipster’s life? Especially when it’s fiction? Keep these style-conscious vapid wastes of oxygen out of my life. Worthless.

  • Michael Jacob

    Awesome pictures.The girl is so beautiful ;)