Candid Portraits of People Peering at Their Own Reflections

If you think the expression on these people’s faces don’t look like ordinary street portraits, it’s because they’re actually looking at themselves in a mirror. Moa Karlberg captured these unique candid portraits of strangers by using a one-way mirror, capturing what it looks like when people look at reflections of themselves.

Karlberg writes,

The project ”Watching you watch me” is discovering how a photographer can get as close as possible to others, without acting illegal. I have taken portraits of people through a mirror, when they are totally unaware of the camera inside. This way I get shots of people watching themselves.

Since the pictures are taken in public spaces, I can publish them however I want to. At least in Sweden, where the laws are generous to journalists and artists. But in which forums and publications does the single individual feel insulted? “Watching you watch me” is an effort to create debate on laws and ethics within the photographer’s role.

You can see more photographs from this series on Karlberg’s website.

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Moa Karlberg and used with permission

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Love it! But aren’t you allowed to publish photos taken here in the US without someone’s permission if they are in a public space as well? :) I always thought that we were!

  • Nakedwomaninrags

    Oddly beautiful.

  • Lorig1216

    But imagine if you’re totally checking yourself out…and get caught on camera doing that! How embarrassing would that be!

  • Almond

    You can. You’re free to shoot anyone in a publicly accessible space (and in some jurisdictions, you can take that as far as shooting anyone who is publicly viewable, i.e. through an open window), but you cannot profit off of the likeness of someone unless it is a celebrity or otherwise ‘public’ person.


  • Almond

    Oh man- I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages. I wonder what his mirror setup was like…

  • Kbledsoephoto

    So for example, if i took a photo like the one above, I couldn’t sell it?

  • The Swede.

    The guy on the first pic is actually a photographer aswell.