DOF Calculator Helps You Take Sharp Landscape Photos

DOF Calculator is an app for Android phones that helps you easily calculate depth of field and hyperfocal distances. Simply tell it your camera, lens, and aperture setting, and it’ll spit out the numbers you need for optimally sharp landscape photographs. You can download it for free by searching for “DOF Calculator” in the Android Market.

For a quick video tutorial on how hyperfocal distance works, check out this post.

DOF Calculator (via Lifehacker)

  • Graham Ashton

    Surely this has everything to do with your lens, and nothing to do with your camera? Clearly, I’m being a bonehead, as somebody’s made an app for that, but what am I missing?

  • Peng Tuck

    Most lens are sharp at a certain f stop (like f/8). Shooting at wider stops can give you out of focus or not as sharp pictures, depending on the lens. This app just tells you that quickly.

  • Andrew Ferguson

    I think the camera models are just being included to distinguish between crop sensors and full-frame sensors.

  • Erik Turner

    to be exact you need information from the camera and the lens. What would be even better would be lenses with DOF scales on them, like there used to be.

  • Lee Gillen
  • Joe Brandibas

    And this app doesn’t require any special permissions, so you don’t have to orry about him gathering personal info about you.

    Also, there are two DOF Calculators on the market, make sure you grab the one by Aimen RG.

  • Tom

    @Graham. They mention the cameras because of tbe crop factor etc.

  • Aimen RG (developer)

    Camera information is required to get the right sensor size, FF, 1.3x. 1.5x, 1.6x, 2x in DSLRs, 1/1.7 1.8 etc in compacts all have different circle of confusion, which effects depth of field.