Be Careful When Storing Your Camera Gear Behind Zippers

Think your camera gear is safe in your zippered bag just because you have have sliders locked up? Think again. This video shows how easy it is to break into a zippered bag without leaving a trace.

Yet another reason you should try and keep your gear in sight at all times.

  • David Bain

    Ouch! Certainly something to think about. I would personally use a flight for any equipment for flights.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    The richest baggage handlers all know this

  • Gadzooks

    There will be proof of a breech, where at the end of the zipper, the ‘zips’ would not be closed.

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  • Npappy

    I used to lock up my suitcase in a hotel thinking it was “safe” out of sight etc but not anymore!

  • Paccana

    those are nylon zippers, is it as easy with metal zippers?