Amazing Camerawork with a Steadicam, a Segway, and Sprinting

This semifinal performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 has an awesome steadicam shot starting at 2m35s. While it might seem like they used a super high-tech RC helicopter or some computer-generated trickery, it was actually done with a segway, a steadicam, and a whole lotta talent.

Here are a couple behind-the-scenes looks at how the shot was accomplished:

(via f stoppers)

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  • Clint Davis

    wowwowow, i’m impressed

  • Albert Woo

    Whoa, that dismount was very impressive. And that control’s just pure amazing. The best of the best are out there, just gotta find them.

  • Chris

    Awesome. Superb camera skills at work here!

  • Ruben

    too bad they had to film such a douchebag

  • Eric Lauri Kulo

    It’s really brave to do tilting with a videocamera. And I love it. The opening steadicamshot is amazing, the tilted angle, the speed of the movement. I love it. This is a very far-fetched, but there’s a scene in one of the Batman movies (the older ones, I think Batman Returns), where Batman kicks in a door and the camera runs to the door and tilts it in the very end, and this steadicam shot’s opening scene reminds me of that.

  • Stoofstraat

    Does anybody know how they keep the focus right?

  • Andreas Krautwald

    that focus puller deserves a reward

  • Benjaminp1973

    Yep, that’s the focus puller running alongside him. To be honest I’m not sure he really needs to be running with him, he could just as easily be set up with a monitor on the side of the stage somewhere… What’s also really impressive is the way he sneaks in little zooms here and there to (mostly) hide the camera shadow, and his incredibly precise whip pans – very difficult on a Steadicam. The operator is apparently Karsten Jacobsen:

  • Dov

    They are Using a wide angle lens so focus isn’t as much an issue as you would think. The shot is mapped out in advance and the focus puller knows where his marks are.