Firmware Hack to Bring 4K Video to the Canon Rebel T2i/550D

4K video recording may soon be available to Canon T2i/550D users willing to load a firmware hack onto their cameras. Apparently a guy known as Earz62801 on YouTube will be releasing a firmware hack on 1/1/11 that will give the T2i/550D 4K, 3K, and 2K recording capabilities and bit rates between 45MB/s and 175MB/s. He claims that 91 seconds of footage can be recorded at 2K and 175MB/s, though the time drops down to 6 seconds for 4K.

Here’s a short video showing the firmware in action:

Shoot 2k, 3k and 4k on the Canon 550D/ T2i coming on Saturday? (via Canon Rumors)

Update: This was all a big hoax, which resulted in a massive rickroll of the photographic community.

  • Munro

    Not sure what the point would be of recording 6 seconds at 4K. Even 91 seconds at 2K seems to be a bit pointless.

  • Keaton Andrew

    Six seconds, yeah, a bit pointless. 91 seconds of 2k is pretty long though and would work fine

  • 5D Mark II TEAM

    Hacking Firmware of T2i/550D is the option that remains when the manufacturer DENIES improvements that CAN be implemented without hardware change (but firmware related), but what about much more expensive HDSLRs like 5D Mark II? (encryption issues? hmm, let us know)

    If Canon is so reluctant to improve their current cameras, especially the more expensive ones, then the hack is the way lot of people will naturally choose to get the huge potential these cameras have inside that the manufacturer intentionally denies.

    It would be great to see more people hacking firmware to give more features to the users, but obviously it would be MUCH greater to see Canon doing the good job instead.

    Again, once you know the potential these cameras have inside, you can’t simply live with a crippled one! It’s unacceptable.

    List of Fixes & Improvements for 5D Mark II (some also apply to 7D):

    An additional features that is basic (before the 5D Mark II release): Selectable recording Bit Rate (at least some options, like many P&S cameras do have).

    Dear Canon, you can charge for special upgrades if you want. But do it, because you CAN, and a huge amount of people is waiting, requesting and even willing to pay a reasonable price for some firmware upgrades, but not willing to simply buy a newer camera. EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D are simply too expensive to be left aside.

    Best regards.

  • decoder

    It could be a sequence of jpegs.
    Here is how I did it.

    But lets wait. I hope is not fake ;-)

  • White Hot Phoenix

    4k for 6 seconds could be very useful for fake high frame rate footage.

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    it should be done some hacking with the T1i aswell, that camera it’s the crippled one.

  • Steve
  • ID:10T

    it is a load of bull… go to his youtube channel. he is also 27…

  • John Warkentin

    9 seconds of 4k video from a vertically mounted DSLR on a smoothly rotating panoramic head would be great for shooting panoramas without having all of the issues that result from stitching individual frames where object motion crosses the frame boundaries.