Retrofy Your iPhone Video with 8mm Vintage Camera

There’s a number of notable iPhone apps out there that add a vintage look to your photographs (e.g. Hipstamatic and Instagram), but what if you want to shoot vintage-looking video? 8mm Vintage Camera is an app that does just that, allowing you to choose between a number of films and lenses. You can also turn on “jitter”, adding an extra measure of realism to the look.

The effects are added to your video in real time and displayed on the screen, so you know exactly what you’re recording. 8mm Vintage Camera is available for $2 in the app store.

8mm Vintage Camera (via Wired)


    50 years of engineering destroyed for two bucks. I love progress.

  • Abdulmuhsin_almutair

    iPhone 4 using 8mm Vintage Camera

  • Cho David

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