Photoshopped Beyond All Recognition

The Urban Word of the Day a couple days ago on Urban Dictionary was PHOBAR:

-adjective, Acronym for “PHOtoshopped Beyond All Recognition.” A play on the the more popular acronym FUBAR: “F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition,” PHOBAR refers to an image, usually a photo of a person, that has been retouched and airbrushed with digital image manipulation software on a computer so significantly, that the person in the photo is barely recognizable.

So now there’s a simple word for when you feel like saying “too much Photoshop!”.

Image credit: before and after photos not fake/fake by pumpkincat210

  • Anonymous

    Is that GaGa or someone that’s been photoshopped to look like GaGa?

  • Marcus00

    And the worst part is that there is a comment out there somewhere to the affect of, “WOW! Great shot! Love the processing!”

    This behavior must be stopped.

  • Makhidalrasibi

    Parabens o trabalho ficou otimo, será que mais augum brasileiro está vendo este comentário? qualquer coisa add @makhid

  • Layne

    I can not agree more with Marcus00.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    After photoshop looks allot like a dude with make up.

  • Shop Lova

    WOW! Great shot! Love the processing!

  • Richard Horsfield
  • Marcus00

    Haha, well played.

  • …love Maegan

    omg. I mean, this is obviously to make a point but she looks so much better in the “before” love the word though

  • Anonymous

    I think both images are ugly. But obviously interesting comparison.

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