“Skyfishing” with a Fishing Pole, 30 Helium Balloons, and a Camera

Cinematographer Tom Guilmette has a simple way you can shoot your own aerial shots if flying kites or RC planes/helicopters isn’t for you: fill up a large number of helium balloons, attach a camera to them, and send it high into the air attached to a fishing pole. Guilmette attached a GoPro HD camera to 30 balloons, and was able to get some remarkably smooth footage from 400+ feet in the air. Be warned though… doing this in high winds or near trees can be risky business.

  • Default User

    Really cool. I love it. Why not tie the camera into the string as a backup and use slightly better line to reduce the risk of losing the camera? Does it become too heavy? If so, maybe a few more balloons?

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  • Iluvhatemail

    I had the same idea but my balloons were filled with hydrogen. Oh the humanity.

  • Bob

    There are hugh latex baloons you can buy that are about 3′ in diameter, these have great resilience and can be deflated are reused. Fewer balloons and better stability. Mythbusters did a myth about how many regular baloons it would take to lift a child, it was more than you would imagine.

    Great idea though to film kids sports events. Add a remote controlled motor and you can play “Goodyear”.

  • Rickraglow

    very resourceful – thanks guys

  • Nate

    I tried this today with the Balloon Time from Walmart, and my GoPro. It got stuck in a tree, but I’m hoping the helium will come out and the camera will come down. In the mean time, I’m borrowing a friend’s GoPro.

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  • Wgotte

    BB gun time.  gettin me some free camera.  goin camera hunting. 

  • Wgotte

    BB gun time.  gettin me some free camera.  goin camera hunting.