Locking Mode Dial Upgrade for the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D

Canonites in Japan who often find their mode dial inadvertently changed can now choose to have their camera upgraded with a locking mode dial. The service upgrade costs ¥10,500 (~$125) and adds a button to the center of the mode dial that must be pressed before the dial can be changed. Maybe DSLR makers should find a way to have this be an available (but not mandatory) option on all DSLR models. What do you think?

Announcement on Canon Japan (via Photography Bay)

Update: This upgrade will be available in the US starting December 6th, 2010.

  • Harry Lim

    eh. Yes, I’ve found my dial turned but it’s very rare. I usually check it before I start shooting. So while this might be nice if it were an included feature, I wouldn’t pay extra for it.

  • Stefan Heymanns

    Heck yeah, I would pay for this… There is nothing worse than finding out that your last 10, 20 or more shots were taken in the wrong setting.

  • 5D Mark II TEAM

    A side note, related to design improvements (mistakes in this case):

    Canon SHOULD fix all Battery Grips first, which are build nicely, but using a PLASTIC knob (engaging metallic gear) to attach to the camera body, thus giving a potential cause of failure (we have had this problem, as so many other users).

    The worst thing: the battery grip design prevents it from disassembling when it’s attached to the camera body, so… when the knob breaks or get stuck inside the battery grip, it CANNOT be removed easily (at all).

    TWO big build & design mistakes:

    1-Using plastic knob instead of metallic one on battery grips that cost over $230
    2-Not possible to disassemble the battery grip when it’s attached to the camera.

    These same mistakes repeat in all current Canon DSLR cameras.

    At least Canon should spend few more dollars on a metallic knob… and improve the design too.

    There is an online store which provides the replacement part for the knob (original from Canon, obviously with a plastic knob too), in case you don’t have any tech service to take your camera to (or if they don’t know how to remove the battery grip..) and you can remove it by yourself (it is possible, not easy at all, but possible).

    Amazing easy to fix issue, yet still being made the same way since so many years ago.

  • Zak Henry

    Hate to sound like a Nikon fanboy, but FYI a mode dial lock comes standard on some models. (Only can speak for my D700)

  • Josh Zytkiewicz

    I had a locking dial like this on my Minolta 7D, back in 2004. It’s a nice feature that doesn’t take much getting used to, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it.

  • Ranger9

    Yes, a locking feature should be an option on EVERY dial. If manufacturers won’t offer it, maybe a third-party maker could come up with a universal lock that would work on all sorts of controls. Oh, wait, that’s already available… it comes on a roll, is sticky on one side, and also is handy for securing PC cords, repairing ripped background paper rolls, etc…

  • Mithrandir

    Locking mode dial is a standard feature on the Pentax K-7.

  • Paul Katcher

    In line with the comment above, locking mode dial is also standard on my new Pentax K-5

  • Per-BKWine

    This solves a manufacturing default on the camera. The mode dial has a design fault (it turns too easily) that this would solve. It should be a free upgrade. Just like new firmware that fixes bugs.

  • Wouter

    the dail on my 7D turns every once in a while when I take it out of the bag. If I were a pro, I would have this upgrade the day it becomes available. But being an amateur, I can take more time for the pictures I take.

  • Shmuli

    the new canon 60d has this button standard. looks like canon is trying to introduce this button to all cameras. but i did not like it when i tried out the camera, i might get used to it though.

  • GreeneCam

    Is there any way to have this done in the United States?

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  • Photosophy

    Never had a problem with this.
    Focus creep in manual mode…now that I’ve had massive headaches with.

  • Tyler Webb

    D300 too.

  • Neiltring

    i actually hate this feature in a camera, and most of my customers i talk to about, say the 60D, all agree. Being able to switch between modes quickly is something i prefer. So i guess its personal preference but it would be good to have a choice.

  • Laurent

    Nice, very nice. Err let me have a look to my old EOS 5 (not D). And you know what, it has such a feature. I can’t believe that they are doing that.

  • Terence Kearns

    I started off buying original canon battery grips, but now I am much happier with the cheap after-market grips which cost less than a quarter of the price on ebay.