How to Combine DSLR Stills into a Timelapse Video

Okay, so you have a memory card full of timelapse photos taken over a long-ish period of time using a DSLR camera and intervalometer. Now what? In the above video, filmmaker Philip Bloom shows how you can easily combine them into a timelapse video using Quicktime Pro.

(via Photoxels)

  • Flgraphics

    interesting, but I’m not sure that was really a video tutorial
    it came across very complicated as he wasn’t really explaining as he went.. it kinda felt like he was just talking to himself most of the video

  • Oliver Lea

    This isn’t particularly complex, nor does it have to be done in Quicktime pro – I’ve been able to make some very effective timelapses using Movie Maker in Windows, and I’m certain iMovie will do it on a Mac – and that saves money on buying QT Pro.

  • Olli Junes

    So do you now way to make timelapses with iMovie. Links please! I don’t want to buy QT Pro.

  • Jan

    Kewl, I already tried some in QT, works great, but the best tip for me is the panning/zooming in Final Cut, I never thought of that. It allows me to do ‘camera movement’ without having to invest in an expensive dolly setup. (which I cannot afford anyway)

  • Jhracer3

    There are people who would like to do this in windows too you know…

  • Oliver Lea

    As I said; it is possible, and in fact easy, to do this in Movie Maker, which is free on Windows and is built into winXP/Vista, but downloadable for 7. just add pictures, then change the time for each “slide” to <1sec, and there you have it, time lapse.

  • EK

    Quicktime (and Pro) are both Windows compatible. Only downside is paying the $30 to upgrade the free QT player to QT Pro so you can edit/save movies.

  • tim

    anyone can do this with ImageJ for free.

  • Tvcollin

    A small program, esay to find, pjBmp2Avi.exe will do it easely for free