Camera Successfully Implanted on Back of Professor’s Head

Last week we wrote that NYU arts professor Wafaa Bilal was planning to have a camera surgically implanted on the back of his head as part of an art project. Today the Washington Post is reporting that the surgery was completed and camera successfully embedded into Bilal’s skull. Turns out it wasn’t just an elaborate hoax after all.

The photo above by Bilal shows a prototype of the camera he had implanted (that thing is massive!).

  • Opita


  • Briones

    now he has eyes in the back of his head

  • sly

    The prototype camera looks like a pc speaker.

  • err

    Should use a headcam instead…

  • mille

    whoa, that’s just insane…

  • Chung Dha Lam

    why implant it on the back especially be seeing a wall or the cushion of his bed the whole time.

  • Matthew

    So if he would have implanted/bolted a DSLR to his head and then went on vacation to Kuwait (assuming he is not a professional journalist of course)… would he be allowed in?

    Since technology is changing so fast, he probably would have been better off just implanting 1/4″ tripod mount instead.

  • hza

    No more shoulder checks. SWEET.

  • Seshan

    I remember the guy that wanted to implant a microphone into his arm, and that went horribly wrong, I wonder how they did this, Need pics for proof.

  • Ranger9

    I guess I would need to read the original article to find out the name of the physician who was willing to perform an invasive and potentially risky surgical procedure on behalf of an “art project.” In view of the fact that there are plenty of working-poor people who have no access to any medical treatment other than basic emergency-room care, this seems like an even-more-frivolous-than-usual form of contemporary art. But maybe we could persuade the artsy physician to expand the concept: “Sure, I’ll fix your daughter’s surgical issue if you’ll also let me implant a camera in the back of her skull…”

  • BigBlenderOfTech

    Well, one eye. :D

  • Hobbyist

    So, now he cant enter metro rail stations, airport and other private buildings with his camera head :)) He cant even go near to the sensitive government buildings. He may get arrested because of his camera shoots the police vehicle coming behind his car/bike. :))

  • Daniel

    He’s making himself RoboCop, one part at a time.

  • Photosophy

    It looks like a big gobstopper sawn in half.

  • Photosophy

    That’s true. He’s gonna need a place to mount a speedlight or light panel.

  • Photosophy

    It was determined that there was absolutely no risk of of brain injury. In fact, the circuitry on the camera module itself actually contains more processing power than Bilal’s entire inter-cranial mass, and is expected to raise his IQ by more than 50 points. His intelligence is projected to skyrocket to a level rivaling that of common poultry.