Printable Paper Craft Pastel Cameras

These pastel baby box cameras are perfect for any party where photography enthusiasts are present. Etsy seller girliepains is selling a PDF with templates and instructions on making them in 7 different colors for $4 through her store.

Anyone know of anything similar available for free?

(via KEH Camera Blog)

  • Madisononthecheap

    Not a party favor, but a working pin-hole camera. I wrote a post about this in February:

  • Pheon

    What a great project! I get inspired to do crafts at Its a Facebook app game where you climb levels as you do crafts! All of you would be great at it! Complete real-life #DIY missions to climb levels! Do it all from your Facebook profile! See what people are saying about Pheon at, or #diy #transmedia #craft #handmade #makers #fbapp

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