OK Go Music Video Uses Stop Motion and 2,430 Pieces of Toast

OK Go, the kings of viral music videos, just released their latest video for the song “Last Leaf“. It’s a stop motion video in which individual pieces of toast are used as each frame of the animation. 15 still shots (made with the Samsung NX100) were used for each second in the resulting video, with the final video using 2,430 pieces of toast.

(via Pocket-lint)

  • Taptanium

    Cool! But I hope they had a lot of hungry people around them!

  • AASKyi

    It was inventive and I appreciate how much time and effort went into making this. However, it’s too indulgent and was hard to watch. Had these guys volunteered in soup kitchens or, served in Peace Corps, they would not have the heart to approve such a project.

  • Tyler Webb

    I just wonder how many pieces of toast an average music video budget could buy vs. this movies budget. Just because we can make a one to one correlation to the indulgences here, doesn’t mean there isn’t just as much in other videos.

  • AASKyi

    No doubt. I’m just stating my personal reaction to the video.