Spy T-Shirt with a Built-In Spy Camera

ThinkGeek is selling a spy-themed T-shirt with a twist — the camera being used by the spy in the design is actually a working camera. The Electric Spy Camera Shirt shoots 640 x 480 images (storing about 150) with a remote you can use while having it tucked away in your pocket. It costs $40 from the ThinkGeek store.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I donno probably can easily build in a full HD camera with 5mp inside a cap. Also nowadays you have to make anything with HD and not SD format.

  • Paul Todd

    Does it still work after washing?

  • Tobias

    If you’re using lens cleaner… who knows…

  • Mark Penrice

    Lower resolution – and with it lower requirements for power and storage – is still smaller/lighter (and cheaper/more disposable), though. Otherwise everything would be 4K+ already.