‘Nuit Blanche': A Stunningly Beautiful Short Film by Arev Manoukian

“Nuit Blanche” is a 4-minute long short film by Arev Manoukian of SpyFilms that will blow your mind. While you’re watching it, try to guess how it was created — see if you can pick out what’s real and what’s “shopped“. It may remind you a bit of The Third & The Seventh, another mind-blogging short we shared at the beginning of the year.

Here’s the behind the scenes video showing how various scenes were created:

(via f stoppers)

  • Basbeeky

    This wow’ed me… Awesome!

  • popmonkey

    gorgeous. love that the hat was fake…

  • Tyler Webb

    I find it interesting they shot two different plates, one of the woman, and one of the hand (3:15) and blurred the hand, instead of simply shooting it as one plate and letting the DOF do the work?

  • Bruno Rico

    Incredible, it’s awesome! Thanks for posting that video.I can’t choose what is the video I liked moore… maybe the making off…

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